Mbali Ngiba Biography: Age, Husband/Boyfriend, Net Worth, Durban Gen

Basic Information

Stage Name: Mbali Ngiba
Real Name: Mbaliyezwe Ngiba
Occupation: Actress, Singer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status:

Mbali Ngiba Biography

Mbali Ngiba is a South African model and actress but she appears more famous for her film odyssey than for her music. At any rate, she still stands out – a delight in both worlds of entertainment.

Her love for acting sprouted when she was pretty young. The same might be said of her singing. Determined to make it in both areas, she had started auditioning for roles and singing – although not to the world initially.

Her devotion would pay off soon enough as she snagged one role after another in the acting universe, quietly building a strong resulme as an actress who can be called upon to interpret difficult roles any time.

While her music isn’t buzzing all over the place, she is at least known as the voice behind “Ngizwide.”


Although some celebrities are cool with sharing their ages with members of the public, others would rather keep things under wraps. Mbali Ngiba falls into the latter category. Her age is something she wouldn’t tell you – for whatever reason.


At the time of writing, Mbali Ngiba had no husband. She has not revealed details about her boyfriend. So she might have one. Perhaps not. If she has a boyfriend, she has done a great job of hiding him from the public. By the way, she is not averse to one day getting married.

Net Worth

Mbali Ngiba’s net worth is another subject she has been keeping close to her chest. While she wouldn’t dwell on the subject, the public has been doing the talking. Estimates of her net worth differ, from $70k to $150k. By South African standards, that isn\t very bad.

Durban Gen

Durban Gen is a very popular South African telenovela that has Mbali Ngiba as one of the actresses. She played the role of Mrs Mthembu and was a delight in the role – as seen in the viewers’ verdict. She had gone on to play other roles, but when most people think of her, he role in the popular series comes to mind.

Durban Gen was created in 2020 and had its first episode the same year – on October 3. It was rendered in both English and Zulu, ensuring it got to reach a wide audience. Nelisiwe Sibiya, Lihle Dhlomo, Fanele Ntuli and Sthandwa Nzuza are among the cast members.

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