Mcebo Dlamini Biography: Age, Parents, Education Qualifications, FeesMustFall Initiative, Family & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Mcebo Dlamini
Real Name: Mcebo Dlamini
Occupation: Politician
Date Of Birth/Age: 17 December 1986 (36 Years Old
Place of Birth: Mbabane, Swaziland
Gender: Male
Nationality: Swazi
Marital Status:
Education: University of Witwatersrand


Mcebo Dlamini is a Swazi-born South African politician. He was one of the prominent leaders of the #FeesMustFall protests in South Africa. The protests started a conversation on introducing free tertiary education for the poor (black students especially) in the country.

Mcebo Dlamini is a known lover and supporter of Adolf Hitler, who is famous for ordering the death of millions of Jews. According to him, Hitler killed white people and not the blacks the way leaders do. Reacting to the outcry of Jews in South Africa following his comments, he stated that the Jews were doing the same thing Hitler did to the Palestinians.

This led to his suspension from being the President of the University of Witwatersrand Students’ Representative Council in 2015. Several other misconduct allegations were also cited.

Mcebo Dlamini Facebook


Mcebo Dlamini was born in Mbabane, Swaziland, on the 17th of December 1986. He celebrated his 35th birthday in December 2021.


After he was charged and found guilty of contravening the Immigration Act, Mcebo revealed that his mother was the late witness Nkosingiphile Dlamini from KwaZulu-Natal. Details of his paternity have been controversial.

Education Qualifications

After getting a student visa, Mcebo was admitted into the University of Witwatersrand to study Law. The Gauteng Province sponsored his university fees. However, reports state that it may not all work out for him as a lawyer or a lawmaker because of his previous criminal record.

Apart from the course, he studied at the University of Witwatersrand, Dlamini’s Facebook page also shows that he holds two other degrees, one in Nuclear Physics and the other in Actuarial Science. Speaking in an interview with Wits Vuvuzela, Mcebo shared that it was no secret that the University of Pretoria personally recruited him to study Nuclear Physics. He was still voted the SRC president at Wits University at the time.

In 2016, Mcebo was arrested and charged with public violence, assaulting a police officer, theft, illegal stay in the country, and violating the court order. On March 9th, he was sentenced on two of the six counts after pleading guilty at a Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court. Mcebo can only be imprisoned if the court finds him guilty of similar charges in the next five years. He was also jailed for six months (suspended for five years) for staying in South Africa unlawfully.

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FeesMustFall Initiative

The #FeesMustFall initiative was a student-led protest movement that began in mid-October 2015 in South Africa. The movement was aimed at stopping increases in student fees and also increasing government funding of universities.

Following an announcement by the University of Witwatersrand that fees would increase by 10.5% in the following year (despite a 6% inflation in the same year), Mcebo Dlamini, among other students, kicked off protests followed by a 3-day lockdown of the campus.

After starting at the University of Witwatersrand, the protests spread across to the University of Cape Town and Rhodes University, and various other universities in the country. The protests initially had the full support of the public, but that began to wean when they started turning violent.

The protests ended when the South African government announced that there would be no tuition fee increases in 2016. However, the protests started again when the South African Minister of Higher Education reported that there would be fee increases capped at 8% for 2017. This time, institutions were given the freedom to decide by how much their tuition would increase.


Mcebo has claimed to be a Sisulu even after admitting in a 2014 interview with Wits Vuvuzela that he wasn’t.

Mcebo made claims of being a Sisulu while he was a student at Witwatersrand. He convinced people that Walter Sisulu was his grandfather and even called himself Mcebo Olyate Sisulu. In an interview with VowFM, he claimed his father was Maxwell Sisulu.

Mcebo raised eyebrows a year later when he shared in an interview with Wits Vuvuzela that his father was the Late Zwelakhe, Maxwell Susulu’s brother. He claimed that he was the love child of Zwelakhe and a Swazi princess, saying he was born in Mozambique and then raised in Tanzania. Max released a statement to refute Mcebo’s claims saying his family did not know Mcebo.

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Mcebo later confirmed to journalists that he isn’t a Sisulu. After being arrested and charged, he claimed again that he was the son of the late Zwelakhe Sisulu.

Mcebo also claims he was raised by his aunt, Sichenge Nomkhosi, and her husband, Ntshintshabantu Dlamini.

Contact Details

You can follow Mcebo Dlamini’s official Facebook page, “Mcebo Freedom Nkunzikaybaleki Dlamini.” You can send his messages to communicate with him via the page.

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