Meshack Mavuso Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Wife, Parents & Nationality


Basic Information

Stage Name:Meshack Mavuso
Real Name:Meshack Mavuso Magabane
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Nationality:South African
Marital Status:Married (Madimetja Lucky Phakeng)

Meshack Mavuso Biography

Meshack Mavuso Magabane, known simply as Meshack Mavuso, is a South African actor and director. Not much is known about his early years and about his parent, but he has long distinguished himself in the country’ acting space.

He has appeared in several films and TV series but stands out the most for his role as Jabulani “Javas” Nyembe in the SABC1 series Yizo Yizo. He also stood out for his role as Vusi Moletsane in the popular soapie Isidingo. He has so distinguished himself as an actor that many now look up to him as a mentor in the field.


Does age really matter? Well, fans are usually curious about the ages of celebrities, as it gives a better perspective on their success. Well, while several aspects of Mavuso’s life appear shrouded. his age is, interestingly, publicly knowledge. The actor was born in April 1977, which means he turned 46 years old the same month this year.

Net Worth

The sums being peddled all over the place do not necessarily reflect how much Mavuso is worth. While the actor is doing way better now than he was years ago, his exact net worth is still not public knowledge – not surprising because he would rather not dwell on such.

If you should ask him at the moment, he would probably just tell you that he gets buy; that life is way easier now than it used to be.


Some stories are hard to believe, but not all celebrities had it great in the early days of their lives and careers. Mavuso is one such person who faced financial turmoil at some point in his life and he feared his home would be repossessed. His daughter would ask him who the people are that usually come to look at their house, and he would walk into the restroom to weep.

It is unclear where exactly he lives at the moment, but the spectre of fear is no longer in his orbit.


The moment you become famous – a celebrity – people become curious about the type of car you own and drive. That is because, for most people, a celeb’s car shows the state of his wallet, his taste, and so much more. Anyway, it is unclear what car Mavuso owns as he rarely posts such.

But he was admitted to being car-less at some point and his house was in the process of being repossessed. It was a dark moment that he remains grateful to have overcome.


While not much is known about actor Mavuo’s parents, there are public records about his wife. he is actually a happy family man who is married to a lady called Neo Mavuso. The two reportedly committed to each other in a wedding ceremony in 1995. They have been together ever since.


The actor might be a famous figure, but there aren’t publicly available records about his parents – who they are, if they are still alive, and what they do. The actor himself rarely talks about them, which makes it all the more difficult to dig big and interesting details about them.


Mavuso was born in South Africa to South African parents, which means he is a South African by birth. He has no quarrel with being born a South Africa, a country that ranks high among countries on the continent despite decades of apartheid rule that only ended in the 90s.

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