Monique Muller Biography: Age, Parents, Job, Net Worth & Boyfriend

Basic Information

Stage Name: Monique Muller
Real Name: Monique Muller
Occupation: Model, Entrepreneur
Date Of Birth/Age: 11 October 1992
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Unknown

Monique Muller Biography

Monique Muller is a South African model and businesswoman who appears to avoid the limelight, although she once dated a popular actor.

She was previously based in Dubai and served as a cabin crew with the Emirates airline between 2011 and 2015. After her exit from the airline, she had joined Shimansky Jewelry as a marketing representative.

She might not be a lover of the noise and the limelight, but when she got into a relationship with Katlego Maboe, the public had its binoculars trained on her.


Born in 1992, Monique Muller is currently 29 years. She’ll be 30 in October, and she’s so looking forward to that day. Last year, on her birthday, her friends were agog and celebrated her on social media.


Not much is known about Monique Muller’s parents. And she would rather not bring them into her discussions. However, according to celebrity insiders, her mother is a homemaker, and her father is a businessman.


Monique Muller has got her hands in many piles and is apparently making successes of them. She’s into modelling but also has other businesses in South Africa. A LinkedIn profile also indicates she’s a teacher of English.

Net Worth

Monique Muller is one model and businesswoman who would not be dragged into arguments about her net worth. Instead, she would rather focus on her business and modelling ventures.

While she wouldn’t speak about her net worth, fans and industry watchers have been doing the speaking. Conservative estimates put her net worth at $200,000. Well, that’s not too bad for one who shows commendable focus in her business.


It is unknown who Monique Muller is currently dating. But she had previously dated Katlego Maboe, with whom she had a son Phoenix. Her relationship with the actor was one of the most publicized and also one of the most controversial.

It was all hunky-dory at the outset, with the two serving Mzansi couple goals. Along the time, though, allegations of cheating (on Katlego’s part) had popped online. A video had also popped online showing a verbal altercation between them.

The case ended in court, with Monique Muller accusing Katlego Maboe of not obeying the court judgment. Anyway, following her breakup with Katlego, Monique Muller had joined advocates fighting violence against women.

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