Monnapule Saleng Biography: Age, Height, Current Team/Club, Place Of Birth, Salary & Net Worth

Basic Information

Stage Name: Monnapule Saleng
Real Name: Monnapule Kenneth Saleng
Occupation: Professional Footballer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:  South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

Monnapule Saleng Biography

To win, to win, and more to win. That’s just the aspiration of many leaping into one adventure or the other. But, of course, not everyone gets to initiate their dreams and even make a success of them.

Monnapule Kenneth Saleng is one footballer with big dreams and even bigger ambitions who was fortunate to have started his football adventures early enough. He now ranks as one of the key players (a midfielder) in the Orlando Pirates team. He is not exactly a newbie in the team, but his recent sterling performance against Mamelodi Sundowns has once again thrust him into the limelight, showing the world just how gifted he is on the pitch.

He counts Arjen Robben as an inspiration and even happens to share similar pitch charisma with the Dutch ace. Saleng counts himself happiest when he is able to play and is actually playing — a common trait among players who take their craft seriously.

Monnapule Saleng Biography: Age, Height, Current Team/Club, Place Of Birth, Salary &Amp; Net Worth 2


Monnapule Saleng was born in 1998, which makes him 24 years at the time of writing. At 24, he still has a lot in front of him as a footballer. And given his current splendid form, there is so much more he can do for South Africa’s football space.


Monnapule Saleng falls on the tall side of the height spectrum, which is actually a plus in football. He has a height of 1.77 metres.

Current Team/Club

Monnapule Saleng’s current team is Orlando Pirates. Don’t worry; these ones don’t rob ships; they are only good at scoring goals.

Orlando Pirates, the club to which Monnapule Saleng is signed, stands out as a top-flight club in the Premier South African League (PSL). The team, which currently has Jose Ribeiro as manager, also plays in the DStv Premiership. It is based in the Houghton suburb of  Johannesburg.

Founded in 1937, the club is easily one of the oldest in South Africa and has the Kaizer Chiefs Football Club as one of their arch-rivals. Interestingly, both clubs will be meeting this weekend, Saturday, 29 October, for the MTN8 championship.

Monnapule Saleng Biography: Age, Height, Current Team/Club, Place Of Birth, Salary &Amp; Net Worth 3

Place Of Birth

For a public figure who is much loved, especially given his recent spectacular performance against rival side Mamelodi Sundowns, it is interesting that the midfielder’s exact place of birth is unclear.

However, he is thought to have been born in South Africa. Exactly where in the Rainbow Nation, is what many of his fans have been scratching their heads about.


It’s unclear how much the midfielder earns as a salary. However, there has not been a public complaint from his side about how much he makes. So the sum, whatever it might be, must be something he is okay with.

Although his exact salary might not be out there, and he wouldn’t be caught dead talking about the same, Transfer Market puts his market value at 25k British pounds.

For his part, the soccer ace is actually living his best life.

Monnapule Saleng Biography: Age, Height, Current Team/Club, Place Of Birth, Salary &Amp; Net Worth 4

Net Worth

Net worths of important figures are of significant interest to many of their fans around the world. This curiosity has prevailed for as long as one can remember.

Monnapule Saleng’s case is no different. You would rarely find him talking about his net worth, though, which leaves the public to a guessing and estimation game. At any rate, multiple sources put his net worth at around $200k — a decent sum by South African standards.

The sum is expected to increase in the coming years.

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