Mpumi Biography, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Age, Kids & Husband/ Boyfriend

Basic Information

Stage Name: Mpumi (Or Mpumi Somandla, or Mpumi Mzobe)
Real Name: Nompumelelo Claudia Mzobe
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Dancer
Date Of Birth/Age: 19th January 1982 (38 Years)
Place of Birth: Ndwedwe, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa.
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Durban University of Technology, Academy of Performing Arts

Mpumi Biography

Mpumi Somandla. Mpumi Mzobe. Mpumi… Whichever you elect to use, you still refer to one person, the South Africa singer and dancer whose legal name is Nompumelelo Claudia Mzobe.

Born some 38 years ago to poor parents in the Ndwedwe, KwaZulu-Natal area, she lost her father when she was little and was raised by her mother with whom, to this day, she nurses a profound bond.

In a recent interview, she had indicated that her mother was a domestic worker who singlehandedly raised six kids. For all her struggles to give Mpumi and her five siblings a good life, Mpumi calls her mother her hero.

Mpumi discovered her gift as a vocalist quite early. As she herself admitted, when she was little, back in primary school, she performed at concerts.

Also, around the same period, she sang along with music groups. Even when she wasn’t booked to sing, she would rehearse all day – just for the love of music and singing, according to her.

Her story has since changed, of course. Which serious lover of Mzansi music isn’t familiar with the name Mpumi? Well, the singer’s name is all over the place, and invitations to concerts come pretty easily these days.


Mpumi has been nominated for several awards, including the 15th Metro FM Music Awards and the 16th Metro FM Music Awards. However, we can’t point to the one she has won.

Of course this in no way means she hasn’t dropped some fine numbers. On the contrary, she has several fine numbers to her name, including “Somandla,” a song by which she is now called.

With more projects in the pipeline, including the imminent “Nompumelelo” album, one expects awards to pop in her kitty soon


Poverty denied Mpumi a lot growing up. The first is a college education. Although she had applied and been admitted to the Durban University of Technology to study video technology, she eventually had to drop out for lack of funds to continue.

Out of the university, she enrolled in Mbongeni Ngema’s Academy of Performing Arts, where she honed her music skills.

It wasn’t until 2002 that she was able to raise enough funds to return to the university.

Care for some fun facts about her education? Well, the songstress readily admits her English isn’t perfect. In fact, according to her, she struggles to use she /her/he/ him properly.

Net Worth

Although poverty whipped her terribly as a kid, Mpumi has worked – you may say fought – her way in to some comfort and is highly respected for this.

It is believed in Mzansi music scene that she is among the industry’s millionaires. Not bad for one who life didn’t give a chance from the beginning


Mpumi was born 19 January 1982, so she celebrated her 38th birthday exactly six months ago. The songstress, who admits she hates the gym, heads there a couple of days in the week nonetheless, to stay fit and look good.


The singer would love to have kids. But last we checked, she doesn’t have any. Time might change that soon. Who knows?

Husband/ Boyfriend

Mpumi is particularly expressive about her love and what qualities she desires in a man. Recently, she said she was single and looking for a man who is so great she would choke on her tears whenever she speaks about him

Care to know more about the singer? Then we invite you to check out her interview in the video below.


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