Naledi Pandor Biography: Age, Academic Qualifications, House, Father, Husband, Home Language & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Naledi Pandor
Real Name: Grace Naledi Mandisa Matthews
Occupation: Politician, Educator, Academic
Date Of Birth/Age: 7 December 1953 (68 Years Old
Place of Birth: Durban, Natal Province, Union of South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Sharif Joseph Pandor
Education: University of Botswana

University of Swaziland

University of London

Kennedy School of Government

Stellenbosch University

University of Pretoria


Grace Naledi Mandisa Matthews, professionally called Naledi Pandor, is a South African politician and an educator who is currently serving as the Minister of international relations and cooperation (since 2019). Since 1994, Naledi has served as a Member of Parliament (MP) for the African National Congress. Naledi is known for her selfless determination to serve her country, South Africa.


Naledi Pandor was born in Durban in the Natal Province in the then Union of South Africa on December 7, 1953. She celebrated her 68th birthday on December 7, 2021.

Academic Qualifications

Naledi Pandor attended secondary school in Botswana. She graduated from Gaborone Secondary School in Botswana in 1972. She later earned a Certificate for Continuing Education and a Bachelor’s degree from the Universities of Swaziland and Botswana. Next, she obtained a Diploma in Education from the University of London, and later, a Masters’s degree in Education in 1979 after graduating from the University of London.

Naledi also has a Masters’s degree from the University of Stellenbosch in 1997, where she majored in General Linguistics, and a Diploma in Higher Education, Administration, and Leadership from Bryn Mawr Summer Programme in 1992. She obtained another Diploma from the Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University, in 1997, where she studied Leadership in Development. In 2019, Naledi received a .D. in Education at the University of Pretoria.

There is no available information about Naledi Pandor’s because she has not shared any information about it. She rarely shared such information with the public.


Naledi Pandor is the daughter of Joe Matthews and Regina Thelma. Her parents are both late. Her father, Joe, was an anti-apartheid activist and the son of Z. K. Matthews, an early leader of the African National Congress. Her father and grandfather were both charged with treason in 1956, along with 154 other anti-apartheid activists, all of whom, including the Matthews, were acquitted.


Naledi is married to Sharif Joseph Pandor. The couple met while she was studying in Botswana. She had to convert to Islam because of him. She revealed that she had no reservations about doing that, saying, “My parents said God is God. As long as you worship Him we will support you, and the Islamic principles are universal. Certainly, Islam demands much more of you in terms of observance.”

Home Language

In February 2007, Naledi stated that she strongly supports the use of and other indigenous languages as media of instruction in schools. reported that she had reacted to a Democratic Alliance (DA) press release (14 February) in which she was accused of leading “an ideological crusade against Afrikaans” and a Freedom Front (FF) press release (14 February) that claimed it was “now quite clear that the government wants to take control of every single school in South Africa.”

She further stated,

“If it is ideological to provide access to schools for schoolchildren, then I am happy to be called an ideologue. I have always supported the use of mother-tongue education in our schools, especially in the foundation phase. I have always supported the promotion of indigenous languages in our schools.”

“The truth is that this is not a language issue: it is purely an issue of access to education. Over 100 learners were being denied entry to a school that is clearly under enrolled. Where a school is not fully enrolled, we must allow places to be taken up by children who want to be educated in whatever medium they prefer.

Contact Details

You can contact Naledi Pandor via the following details;

Postal Address: Private Bag X152, Pretoria, 0001

Street Address: 460 Soutpansberg Road, Rietondale, Pretoria

120 Plein Street, Parliamentary Precinct, Cape Town

Phone: 012 351 1000, 021 464 3700

Fax: 012 329 1000, 021 465 6548



What religion is Naledi Pandor?

Naledi Pandor converted to Islam after marrying her husband, Sharif Joseph Pandor, following the couple’s engagement.

Who is Naledi Pandor’s father?

Naledi Pandor’s father is anti-apartheid activist Joe Matthews. He is also the son of Z. K. Matthews.

Who is Naledi Pandor’s husband?

Naledi Pandor’s husband is Sharif Joseph Pandor.

Is Aisha Pandor related to Naledi Pandor?

Yes. Aisha Pandor is the daughter of Sharif Joseph Pandor and Naledi Pandor.

How old is Minister Naledi Pandor?

Naledi Pandor celebrated her 68th birthday on December 7th, 2022.

Who is Naledi Pandor’s brother?

Zolani Matthews is Naledi Pandor’s brother. He is the former CEO of Prasa.

Where is Naledi Pandor from?

Naledi Pandor was born in Durban in the Natal Province in the then Union of South Africa.

Where did Naledi Pandor study?

Naledi Pandor has studied at many reputable institutions, including; the University of Botswana, the University of Swaziland, the University of London, Kennedy School of Government, Stellenbosch University, and the University of Pretoria.

Who are Naledi Pandor’s children?

Naledi Pandor’s children include Dr. Aisha Pandor, Haroon Pandor, Suraya Pandor, and Fazlur Pandor.

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