Naledi Willers Biography: Age, Net Worth, Father, Mother, Child, Career & Education

Basic Information

Stage Name: Naledi Willers
Real Name: Naledi Willers
Occupation: South African Actress and Media Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: November 11
Place of Birth: Botswana
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African/ Motswana
Marital Status: Separated (from Quinton ‘Naked DJ’ Masina)
Education: Studied Law at the University

Naledi Willers Biography

Naledi Willers is a Botswana-born, South African actress, lawyer, and television personality. She’s of mixed ancestry.

She spent her early years in Botswana, where she attended primary and secondary school. Her mother was a disciplinarian who frowned on nonsense, including backbiting.

Most of the values Naledi is associated with today were imbibed from her mother – a woman he loves deeply.

While in the university in South Africa, Naledi was diagnosed with breast cancer.  Treatment commenced without delay.

She survived cancer and has learned a lot from her ordeal. Now she’s a health advocate, educating women on the vitality of taking care of their health and going for regular check-ups.

Her mantra is that people would need to keep their bodies healthy to enjoy whatever good life they envision for themselves


Age is a touchy subject for most celebs. And for Naledi Willers, the public is better off not knowing the years she was born. Her birth day and month are said to be 11 November. The year is unknown and she would rather not be bothered about it.

Net Worth

In an industry where the focus is as much on the acting as it is on the money, Naledi Willers isn’t doing badly. Her net worth is said to hover between R250k and R300k


Naledi Willers was born to a white South African father. She’s of mixed birth because his mother, a Motswana, isn’t white. Naledi recalls growing up was pretty interesting because of the mix.


One thing Naledi Willers has no qualms saying, again and again, is that she has come a long. And she gives credit to her mother, a citizen of Botswana, for the person she is today. Recalling her years as a kid, Naledi also recalls that her mother was strict.


Naledi Willer’s child? Well, last we checked, there’s no evidence that she has a child. The reference is clearly to her childhood. In one of her interviews, she had noted that it was interesting being raised as a mixed child – by a white father and a black mother.


Naledi Willers had reportedly shown an aptitude for acting when she was a kid, but it wasn’t until years later that she ventured into the world of acting and actually made a success of it.

She had contested the Miss Botswana beauty contest in 2009 and emerged the second princess of the show, automatically earning the title of a beauty queen. Thereafter, she had delved into the world of acting.

Naledi had joined the Netflix reality show Real Housewives of Johannesburg (RHOJ) and soon emerged as one of the fan favorites. The show reveals six successful women as they live a life of luxury and ease.

According to Naledi Willers, the show is totally unscripted and the conversations are real and not forced. Joining the RHOJ was not something she thought she could do at the outset because she’s a private person. And she had difficulty adjusting to the reality that cameras will be following her everywhere in the house


Naledi Willers joined the RHOJ house while she was still a law student. She had her basic and high school education in Botswana and her tertiary education in South Africa.

Although she studied law, she’s making most of her money from fields other than law.

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