Natasha Thahane Biography: Age, Boyfriend, Siblings, Child, Parents, Naakmusiq Relationship & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name:
Real Name:
Occupation: Actress, Brand Ambassador
Date Of Birth/Age: 25 September 1995
Place of Birth: Orlando East, Soweto, South .
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: New York Film Academy

Natasha Thahane Biography

Natasha Thahane is a South African actress and television personality who has held many spellbound with her acting gift as well as her beauty regimen.

Born some 25 years ago, Natasha Thahane is one believer in the validity of her dreams and she never stops telling fellow dreamers that their dream are valid as well.

Her interest in the wold of film made her enroll at the New York Film Academy (NYFA). She has made several film appearances, including (as Enhle) on 1’s “Skeem Sam,” on “Lockdown,” and on “The Queen,” among others.

While the actress is famous for her film roles, she’s also famous for her content. She’s got over 4 million followers on the platform where she treats the world to the sounds and sights of her life and career.


Natasha Thahane is currently 25 years. She’ll be 26 a couple of months from now – and she’s looking forward to that day.


Natasha Thahane has been linked with several men, including Bohlale Makgolane (Bo Maq). After they split, she had reportedly hooked up with The Boy Doing Things, . However the relationship with was never confirmed. In fact, Natasha had denounced as lies claims she was dating A-Reece and married to him.

A-reece relationship rumour started when Natasha appeared in A-reece’s music video Mgani and later Sebenza.

Natasha went public about her relationship with an American in 2017. She had to reveal her boyfriend’s identity at the time because, according to her, she felt pressured to do so.

People were linking her with every man they saw her with, so she had to set the record straight. She has since split with the said American.

Late June 2021, It’s speculated the former Skeem Saam actress and Orlando Pirates winger are in a relationship, before then it was of public opinion that they were good friends. They both happen to be on vacation at an exact same place, Natasha posted a picture online and a reflection on her sunglasses revealed the person that took the picture was .

It’s not the first time the pair have been speculated to be in a relationship, they have also been spotted sitting in the same couch but in different pictures once before.

It is unknown if she is currently in a relationship, and with whom. Her relationship with is still a speculation as Natasha has come out to slam the rumours.


Natasha Thahane has got two siblings, a brother Sthembiso Khoza and a sisterĀ  Molemo Thahane, who is as popular as the actress herself.


Sometime in 2017, rumors of Natasha Thahane getting married, getting pregnant and having a baby circulated online. But it soon emerged that there was no wedding and she didn’t have a child.

At the moment, the actress is neither married nor does she have a child. Many of her fans are looking forward to her having a baby, though. This much they have mouthed online when it emerged she has no child yet.


Natasha Thahane’s parents are Trevor Thamsanqa Tutu (father) and Nomaswazi Mamakoko (mother). Her father is the son of Archbishop emeritus Desmond Tutu, which makes Natash the granddaughter of the celebrated cleric and former anti-apartheid activist.


A year ago, and Natasha Thahane had shared snaps of themselves together on their pages, leading to speculation they were dating. In fact, one of the pictures of them together had caused a stir online because it appeared like Naakmusiq’s pedunda was excited as he stood beside the actress for a photo session.

Naakmusiq was reportedly dating but ditched her after he developed feelings for Natasha Thahane. Apparently the feeling wasn’t mutual as Natasha Thahane had taken to ask for advice on how to tell someone you don’t want them without being mean. She didn’t tag Naakmusiq to the tweet, but fans inferred she was speaking about him.

Contact Details

Natasha Thahane has not made her personal email and phone number public. She might, however, be reached on social media, especially Instagram, where she’s active and has an army of over 4 million followers.

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