Nengi Rebecca Hampson Biography: Age, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Sex Tape, Laycon & Ozo Relationships

Basic Information

Stage Name: Nengi
Real Name: Nengi Rebecca Hampson
Occupation: Influencer, Entrepreneur, Reality Star, Model
Date Of Birth/Age: 22 June 1998
Place of Birth: Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria
Gender: Female
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of Port Harcourt

Nengi Rebecca Hampson Biography

Nengi Rebecca Hampson is a Nigerian beauty queen who to fame as one of the reality television show contestants. Before making it to the BBNaija house, she had contested the Queen of Trust Beauty Pageant and won in 2013.

Four years later, in 2017, she contested the Most Beautiful Girl in Nigeria pageant. Although she didn’t win, she was listed among the top 5, a position that aided her entrance into the Big Brother house.


Nengi was born in “1998,” so she should be 23 at the time of writing this. Unfortunately, the month and day of her birth have been conflicting. While some sources give the month and day as January 1, others give it as June.

Although Nengi claimed that she was 22 when she made it to the BBNaija house, some close associates stated that she was 26 then.

Net Worth

The net worth of BBNaija’s Nengi is unknown. Expectedly, fans have been doing a guessing game for months. While we can’t give an exact figure, we can confirm, thanks to her assets, that she’s a multimillionaire.


Nengi Had a boyfriend before she moved into the house. However, after she left, she had claimed that the said boyfriend was no longer picking her calls. She also aired her suspicion the bloke may have moved on.

Before then, the Bayelsa-born reality star had stated that she had told the said boyfriend she was going to the audition for the reality show. Apparently, he was not in support of her BBNaija ambitions. This might explain his reluctance to pick her call, as Nengi had said.

Speaking on the said boyfriend, who remains unnamed, she had stated that he was the reason she didn’t get into a relationship with Ozo in the Big Brother house. However, the coming days would determine if she would eventually date her BBNaija housemate, according to her.

In a previous relationship, one before the boyfriend that wouldn’t pick her calls, Nengi had claimed she was abused. She stated that the said boyfriend hit her so hard she was bleeding from the nose. This incident apparently informed her advocacy against gender-based violence.

Encouraged by her family and supported by her friends, she broke up with the said boyfriend.

Sex Tape

Just recently, a video of a lady having intercourse popped online. The video was leaked by a character claiming to be Nengi’s boyfriend. The video was released on Twitter and taken down by the social network because it was considered offensive.

The account of the alleged boyfriend, who goes by the name Naughty Kay, was suspended from the platform. However, Nengi fans who had watched the video said it was actually the BB Naija housemate in the video.

Nengi herself has been mute about the video. The video had trended online at the time it was leaked. Now interest in the video appears to be dying down.

 Laycon Ozo Relationships

Laycon, who won the initial BBNaija Lockdown edition, was seriously attracted to Nengi, and he never hid that. In fact, he was often found dancing with her. Asked about Nengi, he had urged people to look beyond her perky derriere and appreciate her for who she really is, a smart and wonderful person. He insisted he was attracted to her intelligence.

In the BBNaija house, Ozo was desperately attracted to Nengi, and he never hid his feelings. However, it appeared like Nengi had no time for him. Where Ozo wanted a relationship, Nengi wanted him to remain just her friend. She had also allegedly made it clear to him that she had somebody outside the BBNaija house.

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