Nomsa Buthelezi Biography: Age, Wife, House, Daughter & Child

Basic Information

Stage Name: Nomsa Buthelezi
Real Name: Nomsa Buthelezi-Shezi
Occupation: South African Actress, TV Presenter
Date Of Birth/Age: 7 April 1982
Place of Birth: Gauteng, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Zandile Shezi, 2019)

Nomsa Buthelezi Biography

Nomsa Buthelezi-Shezi is a South African actress and television personality and one of the open members of the South African LGBTQ community in the Rainbow Nation.

Born in the Gauteng, Nomsa knew quite early that she was different – attracted to fellow women. She was fortunate to have parents who encouraged her to express herself without minding what people will think about her sexuality


Nomsa Buthelezi was born in 1982. She’ll be 40 later this year.


Nomsa Buthelezi’s wife is no other than Zandile Shezi, a physiotherapist practicing in Ladysmith. The couple has been married since 2019 but does not have a child together.

The year after they married, 2020, was one of reflection for them. Zandile had commented that the lobola negotiations were tough because Nomsai’s family were demanding a high price. Eventually, they were able to reach a common ground.

The couple met at Riah and Simphiwe’s wedding. It was more of love at first sight. Nomsa had seen Zansile and noted at once, in conversation with her make-up artist, that the physiotherapist was her type. Incidentally, Zandile also noticed.

They began dating soon after and finally tied the knot.

By the way, before Nomsa Buthelezi came out as gay, she had dated a man. He happens to be the father of her two children. While the man loved Nomsa, she didn’t quite feel the same for him in that she was attracted to women. He decided to let her go. He remains an unnamed in her story.


Details about Nomsa Buthelezi and her spouse Shezi might be out there, but that of her house – or rather their house – isn’t. that’s one detail Nomsa would not be bothered with. That notwithstanding, she’s said to share a nice crib with her children and Shezi.

Daughter & Child

Nomsa Buthelezi’s only known relationship with a man led to the birth of her two children. In an session last year, she had noted that she has an open relationship with her children and they know about her sexuality.

She confessed that her kids have been bullied at school because of her sexuality. And that has got to stop, according to her.

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