Nonhle Ndala Biography: Age, Husband/Boyfriend, Daughter, Twins, Business, Furniture & House

Basic Information

Stage Name: Nonhle Ndala
Real Name: Nonhle Ndala Jali
Occupation: Fitness Expert, TV Personality
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Heidelberg, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Andile Jali (Husband)

Themba Msiza (Divorced)

Education: Unknown


Nonhle Ndala Jali, popularly known as Nonhle Ndala, is a well-known fitness expert and television personality from South Africa. Asides from that, she has also appeared as a fitness trainer in the recent Celebrity Edition of Bootcamp Mzansi. She is also known to have started a Print and Design company and owns Enzinhle Management Company, known for managing events.


Nonhle Ndala Jali was born in Heidelberg, South Africa, on May 23 1987. She celebrated her 34th birthday on May 23, 2021.


Years back, Nonhle Ndala married her first husband, Themba Msiza. The marriage was blessed with a daughter named Aurelie. Ndala birthed Aurelie when she was 17 years old. Unfortunately, Ndala and Mciza parted ways after ten years of marriage. About the divorce, she said, “I was belittled in that marriage and ended up lacking self-belief”. She had also stated that he got “possessive, abusive, and jealous” when her business began to take off.

Ndala later tied the knot a second time with Mamelodi Sundowns’ midfielder, Andile Jali. They have been together ever since.


Nonhle Ndala has called her daughter, Aurelie, “her first definition of what love is”. She stated that it didn’t matter what she looked like and what she had done, but her baby adored her. She gave her all the love and acceptance she sort. She has also called her daughter “my best friend” and a source of strength when she faces life’s challenges.


In 2017, Nonhle Ndala’s second marriage to Andile Jali was blessed with two beautiful children, twins. The twins are known as Andile Junior and Amarè. Speaking about her bundles of joy, she said it was like being “blessed with two little miracles, Andile Jnr and Amarè Jali”.


Nonhle Ndala first worked in sales and marketing. She then started her print and design company and later branched out into events management. She told Mamas & Papas Magazine about the success of her business, saying, “I now do major international events…”. She has also revealed that she and her partner are empowering young people.

Furniture & House

Four weeks before the birth of her twins, Nonhle invited Top Billing to her home. She revealed that she decorated her home with designer pieces of furniture from as far as Thailand, Italy, Vietnam, and Poland. Most of the furniture components in her home are either black or grey. She said about the colours that they do not get stained. Her patio has a beautiful view of a pond with ducks.

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