Nonku Williams Biography: Age, Ex-husband, Daughter, Business, Cars, House & Net Worth

Basic Information

Stage Name: Nonku Williams
Real Name: Nonkuleko Williams
Occupation: Reality Star, TV Personality, Blogger, Businesswoman
Date Of Birth/Age: 06 August 1979 (43 Years Old
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Divorced


Nonkuleko Williams, famously known as Nonku Williams, is a South African Reality star, businesswoman, and blogger. Nonku is most recognizable for being a cast member on the hit reality TV series Real Housewives of Durban, where she is one of the favorite casts. Nonku is also famous for her relationship with the late Sfiso Ncwane, for whom he bore a daughter. She is the CEO and owner of Ashes To Beauty winery and a construction & logistics company.


Nonkuleko Williams was born on 6 August 1979. She celebrated her 43rd birthday on 6 August 2022.


Nonku Williams has revealed that she once had a relationship with the late Gospel music star Sfiso Ncwane. According to her, their romance led to the birth of her first child. She also shared that the late Sfiso also dated Ayanda Ncwane while he was in a relationship with her. Unfortunately, he chose Ayanda over her, after which their relationship ended. He married Ayanda after their romance ended. Sfiso’s mother, Irene Ncwane, confirmed the story saying they had been searching for their granddaughter for years and urged Nonku to bring her home because they missed her.

At first, no one knew a thing about Nonku’s previous marriage until she spoke out. In the first three episodes of the Real Housewives Of Durban show, Nonku said she was married for five years and had two adorable sons with her ex-husband. She said her marriage was unpleasant, so she gathered the courage to end it and walked away. She also revealed that she is a happy divorcee and loves having her own space. It is unknown if she is in any new relationship.

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Daughter & Sons

Nonku Williams is the mother of three children. Her first child, a girl, Nothile, has been described as a beautiful, shy teenager. She was the fruit of Nonku’s failed romance with the late Gospel musician Sfiso Ncwane. Nonku’s failed five-year marriage also led to the birth of her sons. On the Real Housewives of Durban show, she asked her daughter, Nothile, how she felt about meeting her two half-brothers for the first time, and she revealed that she was okay with it.

According to Nonku, Nothile is very good at playing the Piano and guitar. She did not have prior training for them. This is a talent she gained from her estranged late father.

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Asides from being a reality TV star, Nonku Williams is quite business savvy. She is the owner of Ashes To Beauty Winery. She also owns a construction and logistics company.


Nonku Williams is a woman of great taste. She drives several cars, including a BMW. She shares photos of them on social media.

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Looking at Nonku Williams, you can tell that she makes her own bag. According to reports, the beautiful mother of three lives with her children in a beautiful house in Hillcrest, Durban. The interior of her home is tastefully decorated with beautiful pieces. She takes a lot of pictures in her house. Looking at her furniture, you can tell that Nonku has good style and taste.

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Nonku Williams’ net worth is unknown to the general public. The reality star and businesswoman is believed to have good money in the bank, probably running into millions. She has had success as a reality star, a business owner, and a blogger. She is the CEO of Beauty To Ashes winery, where she earns the majority of her income.

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