Nonso Amadi Biography: Age, Girlfriend, Best Songs, Home Town, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Basic Information

Stage Name: Nonso Amadi
Real Name: Chinonso Amadi
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 1 September 1995
Place of Birth: Lagos, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single
Education: McMaster University, Canada

Nonso Amadi Biography

Chinonso Amadi, who is known professionally as Nonso Amadi, was born in Lagos to Nigerian parents on 1 September 1995.

His romance with music began when he was studying at Covenant University in Nigeria. At the time, he had a friend who was into music production. The friend taught him how to use music software and Nonso Amadi soaked up the lessons like a sponge.

Soon after, he started producing himself and showing off his skills to those around him, producing for them. His singing gift manifested later. But before he did, he had rapped a bit.

His parents didn’t exactly fancy him leaping into the world of music instead of focusing on his studies, but the lure of music was too much to resist. So he choose to continue in music at the risk of riling and alienating his parents.

The result has been great success for the songster. He is now famous internationally as a singer and producer. But he didn’t quit school to achieve those. He holds degrees from the Swansea University in the United Kingdom and the McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.

Nonso Amadi released his debut EP, titled “Alone,” in 2015 and followed it up with a single titled “Tonight” – probably his most famous song to date


Nonso Amadi was born in 1995, so he is currently 25 years. He will be 26 on September 1 this year. He might be young, but he has accomplished so much is so short a time.

Best Songs

Nonso Amadi is doing great as a solo artiste. Out of the body of songs he has released, some of them stand out.

Leading the pack is “Tonight,” a song wholly imagined, as the incident narrated never happened, according to Nonso Amadi. He said the inspiration for the song was a Nollywood movie. It was dramatic and inspired him to write the song, which became a global hit on release.

Another best from his kitty is “Radio,” a song that’s encouraging on many levels and might keep a lot of peeps on track to fulfill their dreams.

Others are “Emergency” and “What Makes You Sure?”

Home Town

Nonso Amadi is yet to disclose his home town besides revealing he was born in Lagos, a city he is not exactly at home in thanks to its perennial chaos. In the game of music, though, a person’s home town is not as important as the quality of the songs he puts out.

So whether he is keen on sharing information on his home town or not, Nonso Amadi is doing fine as an artiste, with several collaborations under his belt.

Girlfriend & Net Worth

For one who is doing great as a musician, the songster certainly isn’t lacking attention from the opposite sex. However, on who his girlfriend might be, he has been mostly quiet. He appears to be in the league of those who don’t like noising their relationships to the world.

On what he might be looking out for in a woman, the songster had noted level-headedness. He doesn’t fancy materialistic people although he plans to be very successful in life. According to him, materialism messes up a lot of things.

Also, he isn’t one to shout about his latest acquisition from the rooftops – or how much he is worth. However, there is a general consensus in the industry that his net worth is around $150,000. Converted to Nigeria, that makes him a multimillionaire. Not bad, we might say.

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