Noxolo Grootboom Biography: Age, Husband, SABC Retirement, Sickness, Family, House

Basic Information

Stage Name: Noxolo Grootboom
Real Name: Noxolo Grootboom
Occupation: Media Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: Born in the 1960s
Place of Birth: Eastern Cape, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married


Noxolo Grootboom is one of South Africa’s most celebrated media personalities. She has had a considerable influence on the South African entertainment industry. Noxolo worked as an editor and also as a news anchor. She is one of the media’s most admired media personalities and a known legend. Her rise led to lifetime opportunities like reading Akhumi Jezile’s obituary and more.


Noxolo Grootboom describes herself as a “child of the ’60s”. Although retired, Noxolo is noted to look quite young for someone born in the 60s. She is one of South Africa’s most youthful-looking celebrities.


Noxolo Grootboom started her legendary career as a typist at SABC. Without a background in Journalism, Noxolo regarded her position at the time as an opportunity to do more. After doing so well, she was transferred to the newsroom. This further opened up an opportunity for her to become a news anchor on the Xhosa news desk.

Being a great Storyteller, she was noted to have done impressively well as a translator. Her unique sense of humour drew viewers to love her. She was known to have had a significant influence on other viewers who could not understand isiXhosa. She also had a thing for using metaphors which made her very interesting to watch.

Noxolo has stated that it was a way of educating the nation asides from broadcasting. She also lifted the spirits of her viewers with her beautiful sense of humour. She scored interviews with some of the top personalities in the country. Her perfect execution of them proved that she was the best at what she did.

Noxolo is known for her famous mantra, which is said in Xhosa. It goes “Nanga ningalala ngobu busuku nembethe ingubo yemvisiswano, uxolo nothando, ndin’thanda nonke emakhaya‘. She retired from SABC in March 2021 after 37 years of working in the media.


Noxolo Grootboom has been married for many years now. However, she has kept details of her marriage away from the public eye.

SABC Retirement

The date, 30th March 2021, was set as the retirement day for Noxolo Grootboom. This was to mark the end of a 37-year career in broadcast television. But, unfortunately, the event coincided with the day set for President Ramaphosa’s broadcast on the fears of the third wave of the pandemic just before the Easter Holidays.

The presidency later announced that the broadcast would happen at 7:30 pm to allow the viewers to witness Noxolo’s final bulletin on SABC. Reacting to the news, she showed how touched she was in a video shared with Twitter. Social media users also hailed the decision saying she deserved it.

Following her retirement, Thebekile Mrototo of Highveld Stereo proposed that Noxolo air the news during the state funeral of South Africa’s former first lady, Winnie Madikizela-Mandela. She accepted and headed to SABC to give her viewers a taste of what they had missed.


Following the announcement of her retirement from television, fans of Noxolo Grootboom speculated that she was sick. They believed this would be the only reason for her retirement. However, Noxolo has never disclosed any sickness details to the public. She has also not shared the full reason for her retirement. She is known to keep private details of her life from the public.


Noxolo Grootboom and her husband are blessed with children and grandchildren. She is said to love her family very much.


Noxolo Grootboom has never shared any photos of her house with the general public.

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