Ntando Duma Biography: Daughter, Age, Twin Sister, Boyfriend/Husband, Education, Ex-boyfriend & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Ntando Duma
Real Name: Ntando Duma
Occupation: Singer-Songwriter, record producer
Date Of Birth/Age: 29 August 1995
Place of Birth: Orange Farm, Johannesburg, South Africa.
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Boston Media House

Ntando Duma Biography

Ntando Duma is a South African presenter and actress. She has three siblings, all of whom were raised by her mother and grandmother . Her father wasn’t a part of her growing up. 

That notwithstanding, she Ntando Duma stayed focused. During high school, it struck her that she actually wanted a life in the media. To actualize that dream, she enrolled in courses in media studies. 

She clinched a role as presenter of ETV’s youth programme Craz-e. She has not looked back since. 


Sbahle Mzizi is the name of Ntando Duma’s daughter. It was an unplanned pregnancy that brought her to the material plane – at least her father Junior De Rocka never planned for it and even scolded Ntando Duma for not preventing the pregnancy. 

Anyway, Sbahle is here – a child in whom her mother is well pleased. According to Ntando Duma, she started reading to Sbahle when she was in the womb. The result is that her child has a larger vocabulary than most kids her age. She’s also displayed an aptitude for mathematics. 

Sbahle is active on Instagram, with a fan base of over 700k. Of recent, she appears to have slowed down with posting  content on Instagram, leading some fans to enquire what the problem was. Ntando Duma had explained that Sbahle is becoming uncomfortable facing the camera. She even hinted she might deactivate Sbahle’s Instagram account soon. 


Ntando Duma is currently 25 years. She’ll be 26 in August. 

Twin Sister

Ntando Duma has no twin sister. She has a sister, all right, but they are not twins. Members of the public have assumed – and have been calling – them twins because they look alike. Yeah, the one is a spitting image of the other. 

Interestingly, their interests almost align. While Ntando Duma is a presenter, her sister Duma is a DJ. Together, the two of them are pushing the Duma name into the consciousness of Mzansi. 


Ntando Duma has never been married. She has not ruled out marriage in the future, however. She has got a new boyfriend following the exit of Junior De Rocka. She has hid the identity of her man from the public, but she gushes about his kindness to her regardless. 


Although not the most educated in the industry, Ntando Duma has certainly got things going on for her. She attended Kwabhekilanga High School in Alexandra, Gauteng, and Boston Media House, where she obtained a diploma in  media studies. 


Ntando Duma probably had a boyfriend before her relationship with Junior De Rocka, but when peeps discuss her ex-boyfriend, it is usually Junior De Rocka who comes to mind. 

In the beginning, the pair had a great relationship, with Ntando Duma letting the world know how much Junior De Rocka means to her and her life. 

Along the line, though, they’d split, and an acrimonious verbal war ensued. Ntando Duma’s pregnancy and the birth of her daughter Sbahle cropped into their tiff. 

Junior De Rocka accused her of not doing anything to prevent the pregnancy. At any rate, Ntando Duma is proud of her daughter. At the moment, it appears like peace has been restored between them. But the possibility of them getting back together is remote. 

Contact Details

Ntando Duma has got active profiles on Instagram and Twitter and might be reached via those, by a direct message or by a mention. 

Her Instagram profile indicates she is not active on Facebook, so accounts purporting to be her are fake. 

Although her personal phone number has not been made public, she’s got an email for professional enquiries:

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