Ntobeko Sishi Biography, Age, Girlfriend, Parents, Net Worth, House, Cars, Education, Child & Movies

Basic Information

Stage Name: Ntobeko Sishi
Real Name: Ntobeko Senzesihle Sishi
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Actor
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of Cape Town

Ntobeko Sishi Biography,

Ntobeko Senzesihle Sishi, known simply as Ntobeko Sishi, is a South African actor, singer and songwriter. He had a passion for the arts, and despite not studying any subject related to the arts, he auditioned for several roles in the university.

His attempts weren’t initially successful, but he didn’t give up. His persistence would pay off soon after as he landed his first acting gig on Signal High at the age of 21 in 2018. The show lasted only months and Shishi found himself without another gig.

A year after, in 2019, he was lucky to land a presenting role at the state-owned South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC).

Thereafter, he was offered a role in the popular soapie Gomora.


Ntobeko Shishi was born in May 1998, which means he turned 25 years a month ago.


In age and even in years in the entertainment industry, Ntobeko Shishi is still pretty young, and for whatever reason, he has kept most of his life private, including the identity of his girlfriend – if any.


He might be famous as an actor but details about Ntobeko’s family are just not out there. For whatever reason, the actor has not revealed the identity of his parents and whether they are both still alive.

Net Worth

A celebrity’s net worth is always a subject of fascination for the public, generating a storm of opinions. Ntobeko Shsishi is no different, as fans often inquire about what he is worth. There is no exact figure, and since the sector himself isn’t too interested in conversations about how much he is worth, the public has been doing the talking/

Estimates of his net worth range from $50k to $100k.


Another area of Ntobeko Shishi’s life about which there isn’t much detail is his house. His home is not publicly known, so there are no details about the place and what it looks like. However, he had once readily acknowledged that being at home without going on stage is pretty boring – understandable, of course.


What’s in a car? A lot, the celebs would tell you, as their means of transport could likely give a clue about their tastes and how much they are worth. There is not enough data to place Shishi anywhere. While he likely has a car, the make and model are unknown


The actor reportedly had his primary and secondary education at the George Campbell School of Technology. For his tertiary education, he went to the University of Cape Town, where he obtained a Bachelor of Commerce in Economics and Finance. He also holds a diploma in management and entrepreneurial studies from the same institution.

Interestingly, in real life, he didn’t work in the area of his academic interest. Acting and singing were his bread and butter, and he is more than happy to admit the same.


Does Ntobeko Shishi have a child? This question has popped up sporadically but with no definite answer to it. Some reports claim that he had a child outside wedlock but there is no evidence to either support or disprove this. If indeed he had a child, he has done a great job of keeping it away from the public.


A person would never earn the tag of an actor until he has acted in at least one flick. Well, Ntobeko Shishi has acted in a couple of them, Including SIgnal High and Gomora.

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