Pabi Moloi Biography: Age, Husband, Song, Mother, Haircut, Father, Weight Loss, House, Net Worth

Basic Information

Stage Name:
Real Name:
Occupation: Actress, TV Personality, Radio DJ
Date Of Birth/Age: 18 January 1984
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Divorced


Pabi Moloi is a South African presenter, actress and radio DJ. Unarguably one of the most popular presenters in South Africa right now, the delectable media personality has been in the industry for more than two decades.

In her career, she had hosted Mzansi Magic and the SABC3 game show Out of the Box. As a result, she remains high in demand.


Pabi Moloi was born in 1984, so she’s currently 38 years. But, unlike most celebs, her birthdays are not usually noisy affairs.


Pabi Moloi’s husband is a man known as Ruan Adams. Things used to be okay between them, but they’re now estranged. The reason for their separation is alleged infidelity on Adams’ part.

In a post to Instagram, Adams had shared a clip of him being insulted by two women, one of whom was said to be his mother-in-law. He claimed that he was denied the opportunity to see the son he had with Pabi.

The couple had gotten married in secret and broken up quietly a year later. It wasn’t until later that the public began receiving some details about what happened between them.


Pabi Moloi is not only a DJ and media personality. She’s also a maker of music. It’s obvious, however, that her fame rests not in making music but in the excellence of her presenting skills.

At any rate, her “Destiny Cover” is worth checking out.


Pabi Moloi might be private, but she never hides the fact that she shares a close bond with her mother, who is known as Nana Moloi. She is proud of Pabi’s achievements.

Pabi Moloi has taken after her mother in the world of acting. Nana Moloi has been active on the music scene for decades. She’s especially well known for the 1994 film, “Ipi Tombi,” which is still being enjoyed today.


Pabi Moloi is a big fan of wearing her hair low. You might not count her among the lovers of weaves and braids out there. She loves her haircut low, sometimes with the sides cropped. The evidence is there in most of her pictures.


Details about Pabi Moloi’s father are just not available out there. And the media personality hasn’t helped matters by being secretive about several aspects of her life.

Weight Loss

Some celebs are just not comfortable with their weight, so they do whatever they can to shade the pounds. Whereas some celebrities prefer to go under the knife, Pabi Moloi opted for exercise. So – she hit the gym.

She was previously 75kg but worked her way down to 65kg. It has been said that the gym was her salvation when her relationship with her husband failed. She used to laze around the home back then, according to her, during an interview. No more.


The home of a celeb is of great interest to the public. Some people see homes as giving clues to the status of the celebrity in question. Known for being secretive about any aspects of her life, she has deliberately kept details of her house private. Can you blame her?

Net Worth

Her net worth is one aspect of her life she would rather keep to herself. But, of course, she gets along pretty well. So while she wouldn’t speak about her net worth, her fans have been doing some digging.

At the moment, she’s said to have a net worth of $450k – not bad by South African standards.

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