Pastor Alph Lukau Biography: Age, Net Worth, House, Wife, Children, Church Address & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Alph Lukau
Real Name: Alph Lukau
Occupation: Author, Pastor
Date Of Birth/Age: 25 October 1975
Place of Birth: Kinshasha, Democratic Republic of Congo
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Celeste J Lukau)
Education: University of

Pastor Alph Lukau Biography

Alph Lukau is a South Africa-based Congolese preacher and general overseer of Alleluia Ministry International (AMI) in South Africa. He was born in the Congo but soon moved over to South Africa, where he established a ministry in 2002, exactly two years after getting married to his wife, Celeste.

He was the spiritual son of Pastor Jacques Vernaud until he died in 2011. Alph Lukua stands out not just for his preaching style but for the drama and controversy that clothe his ministry.

Years ago, he was said to have raised the dead, but the morgue where the alleged dead person was said to have been taken before being brought to Lukau for prayers denied the dead man was never brought there. The morgue even threatened to sue him.

In the end, it was established that he didn’t actually raise the dead. But of course, Lukau’s ministry is still growing.


Born in 1975, Alph Lukau is currently 45 years. He’ll be 46 in October. His birthday last year was a fanfare for most of his church members and admirers. They thronged social media to wish him a splendid birthday and more productive years in ministry.

Net Worth

Alph Lukau is no featherweight when it comes to securing the bag. And although he wouldn’t be caught dead bragging about his assets, it is clear from what he owns that he’s among the richest clerics in South Africa.

Estimates of his net worth range from R35 million to R50 million. Besides ministry, he has his hands in several businesses, which are said to fetch him serious money.


The controversial cleric is said to have several houses. His most notable home, though, is said to be the one at Sandton. This multimillion-rand property is located in an exclusive part of the city.

Stashed in the garage are some of the most exotic cars money can buy, including a Rolls Royce, a Bentley, a Ferrari and a Range Rover. His car collection shows he has a fine taste in automobiles ― not bad for one who’s said to be among the richest pastors in South Africa and Africa as a whole.


Pastor Alph Lukau is a happy monogamist. He’s married to Celeste J Lukau, herself a church leader. She plays an ancillary role in her husband’s ministry. She’s fondly called the First Lady of AMI.


It has been said that children are blessings from the Lord, and blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. Alph Lukau’s quiver might not be full of them, but he sure knows the importance of this gift. He’s blessed with two children, both boys, Deri Lukau and Aj Lukau.

Church Address

The physical of the church is located at 5 Impala Road, Kelvin View, Sandton, South Africa.

If you’re a web nut and want to reach the church via the Internet, you can check out their website:

Contact Details

Pastor Alph Lukau has not given his personal contact details. Given that he’s a public figure and one many want to get in touch with, it is not surprising he should keep his personal details to himself.

Anyway, those who wish to get in touch with him will have to send a message via his church’s website. If you’re in South Africa, you may want to call the local line: 0114435705. Those from outside South Africa should call +27114435705. Finally, those specifically in need of prayer intervention may call +27763184777.

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