Percy Tau Biography: Salary, Net Worth, Age, House, Wife, Agent, Child, Current Team & Education

Basic Information

Stage Name: Percy Tau
Real Name: Percy Muzi Tau
Occupation: South African Professional Footballer
Date Of Birth/Age: 13 May 1994
Place of Birth: Witbank, Mpumalanga, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of South Africa (BCom)

Percy Tau Biography

Percy Tau is a South African footballer who began his football career with local champions Mamelodi Sundowns. He was in such impressive form that he made it to the national team and was crowned the South African footballer of 2018.

Born in the Witbank area of Mpumalanga, Percy Tau was raised in poverty alongside his siblings. This environment conditioned his perspective on life and made him the person he is today – a wealthy yet unassuming sportsman, totally indifferent to the noise around him.

He had joined the Mamelodi Sundowns football academy as a kid, but it wasn’t until 2013 that he received his first contract. He made his first professional football appearance in 2014 as a substitute in the 85th minute in Mamelodi Sundowns’ game against Orlando Pirates. The sun went down on Mamelodi Sundowns during the watch with a 1-0 loss, but Percy had shown he could be counted on the pitch.

Today he stands out as one of South Africa’s most beloved football figures.


The former Mamelodi Sundowns forward was born in 1994, so he’s currently 27 years. In 2020, when he turned 26, fans across South Africa had inundated him with birthday wishes. Not one for noise, Percy had written himself a birthday note on Instagram and not thrown a wild party.

When he turned 27 this year, friends and fans worldwide had bombarded social media with birthday wishes for him.


A man of Percy Tau’s wealth and charms indeed can’t be lacking the attention of women. Last we checked, though, the football ace does not have a wife. But then, he has not ruled out settling down with a wife in the future. Whenever that should happen, we’d bring you the details.


Percy Tau’s agent is a young lady known as Mmatsatsi Sefalafala. She had described herself as a strong, young and ambitious lawyer, motivational speaker, and sports agent in her profile.

Mmatsatsi Sefalafala routinely celebrates Percy Tau on his Instagram page. For instance, back in 2019, during his first game for Club Brugge, he’d scored his first goal a Mmatsatsi Sefalafala had said it was a fantastic way to celebrate Women’s Month.


Described as one of the highest-earning South African footballers, Percy Tau earns around £120,000 (a little over R million) monthly and about £1.4 million (almost R26 million) annually. Those are pretty good numbers for one who’s still in his prime.


In an era when everything seems to be for the gram, Percy Tau has managed to isolate himself from the noise and the affliction of showing off and oversharing. Fans had complained that they don’t have any information on his house and cars. Well, that’s because the midfielder has made things so, choosing to focus on the game.

It is expected a man of his wealth should own a house of his own. The details of the house are, however, not out there.

Net Worth

Percy Tau’s net worth is also pretty high as one of the finest legs on the pitch. But his net worth is a subject you would rarely find him discussing. Instead, he would rather focus on the game and leave the fans and the world guessing.

He may not be focused on the figures that make his net worth, but industry watchers have, and they estimate his net worth o be around 40 million – not bad for a maestro of the pitch who lives and breathes football.


Although Percy Tau is not averse to the idea of having kids, he does not have one at the moment. It wouldn’t be out of place to see him hug a fan, however. And because this has happened before, some peeps assumed it was his child being hugged.

Current Team

Percy Tau has had an interesting career history, and given his current football form, one can only say that the future is yet interesting. He has played for Mamelodi Sundowns, one of the top football clubs in the Premier South African League (PSL), Witbank Spurs, Union SG, Club Brugge, and Brighton & Hove Albion, where he currently is.


In African football, most figures are known for either dropping out of school or not focusing on the game. Not Percy Tau. The football ace had studied for, and actually obtained, a BCom degree from the University of South Africa.

It is unknown how he would use the degree after he retires from the game, but he’s at least made a leap where most of his football contemporaries have no patience to.

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