Rich Mnisi Biography: Age, Real Name, Clothing, Wife, Net Worth, House, Cars & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Rich Mnisi
Real Name: Rich Mnisi
Occupation: South African Fashion Designer
Date Of Birth/Age: 14 December 1993
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Leaders in the Science (BA in Fashion Design and Business Management)

Rich Mnisi Biography

Rich Mnisi is a South African fashion designer who rose to fame for giving new expressions to the African story with his designs.

His interest in fashion design dates back to when he was a kid. He had seen his sister turn a pair of jeans into a skirt. This ignited his imagination, and he started designing with whatever he could lay his hands on.

His mother was opposed to him going into the world of fashion design because she thought he couldn’t make a living out of it. But the young man’s mind was already fixed on fashion.

He took the plunge into fashion, rising quickly in the industry and earning a spot in the Forbes 30 Under 30 list (2019).


Born in December 1993, Rich Mnisi is currently 27 years. He’ll be 28 a couple of months from now.

Real Name

His real name is what his brand is identified by, with the middle name removed. Rich Fumani Mnisi. There you have it.


Around the world, key fashion labels are named for their founders. Think Versace, Gucci, Roberto Cavali… Rich Mnisi has a clothing line named for him, too. To aid his fashion initiative, he’d founded OATH Studio .to understand the needs of his clients better

He’s unarguably one of the famous designers of South African provenance, with a global clientele. He’d designed the dress Beyoncé wore to the Global Citizen Festival in 2018. The cloth American singer Clara wore on her “Freak Me” also has Rich Mnisi’s touch.

He has been featured on Dazed and Confused GQ Online and ELLE. Below are some of his designs.


Is Rich Mnisi married? The answer is a straight “no.” But of course, he has had his fair share of women. His most famous relationship was with the “Wuz Dat” rapper Boitumelo “Boity” Thulo.

The two were a fashion hit. In fact, such was the fashion synergy between them that it wasn’t out of place to see them together and to sport the same print.

They are no longer a couple at the time of writing this. However, their relationship is cordial all the same, according to reports. Boity is currently dating the actor Anton Jeftha, while Rich Mnisi has his heart elsewhere.

Net Worth

The fashion enthusiast is rolling in the cheddar. Although he isn’t the richest bloke out there, he’s got a splendid net worth. $1 million is a conservative estimate of his net worth.


Not much is known about Rich Mnisi’s house. Apparently, the bloke is more concerned with creating wearables than in showing off his crib. At any rate, a man of his wealth should have a plush place called home.


Rich Mnisi loves cars. But he would rather be recognized for his artistic retouching of cars. And yes, he has! In 2020, in collaboration with Volvo South Africa, he had designed the Volvo XC40 (Beast’s Baby Brother), a splendid iteration of the “Beast.”

A 2.0-litre turbodiesel engine powers the Volvo XC40.

Contact Details

If you want to contact Rich Mnisi, you might be in luck, as the fashion icon is active on social media, notably Instagram, where he has a following of over 158,000. On that medium, he might be reached via a direct message or a mention.

If you want to contact him regarding his fashion brand, you might want to head straight to his website and fire him a message from there.

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