Rob Hersov Biography: Age, Net Worth, Wife, Family, Businesses, Education, Children & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Rob Hersov
Real Name: Robert Hersov
Occupation: Entrepreneur, Senior Executive, and Private Investor
Date Of Birth/Age: October 1960 (62 years old as of 2022)
Place of Birth: Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Kim Hersov (ex-wife)

Katie James Hersov (Married 2009)

Education: University of Cape Town

Havard Business School


Robert Hersov is a South African entrepreneur, business executive, and private Investor. He is regarded as one of the most influential businessmen in South Africa. He has helped improve investment opportunities in the country even though he spent most of his life abroad, living in the United Kingdom. He is the chairman and founding partner of Invest Africa and the son of the successful businessman Basil Hersov.

According to news outlets online, Rob spent most of his life abroad (30 years, to be precise) building an impressive resume of work, partnering up with prominent industry names like media tycoon Rupert Murdoch and luxury goods mogul Johann Rupert.

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Rob Hersov was born in Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa, in October 1960. The exact date of his birth is unknown to the public. He turned 62 years old in October 2022. After spending some time abroad in the United Kingdom, Rob currently resides in Cape Town, Western Cape, South Africa. He has described his return to the country as “insane.”

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Rob Hersov’s net worth is unknown to the public. He is believed to be one of South Africa’s many billionaires. Hersov’s success as a businessman, entrepreneur, business executive, and private investor has aided him in earning a massive income through the years. He has also contributed significantly to the growth of investment of opportunities in South Africa.

According to an article on Miningmx, Rob “owns businesses in the aviation, resource, media/marketing, and finance sectors. He has served as chairman of London-based Alternative Capital – a global family office investment and advisory business founded in 2018. He has been chairman of Invest Africa since 2013, chairman of African Capital Investments since 2014, and adviser to the chairman of Vistajet since 2009.”


Rob Hersov was previously married to Kim Hersov, but the couple separated.

Since 2009, Rob Hersov has married pediatric doctor Katie James Hersov. The couple has a very private marriage and seldom shares details about their lives on social media. According to the media, Katie “conceptualized” Medikidz.

Medikidz is an international initiative that includes various mental health professionals partnering up to better explain medical information to children through comic books and several other means.

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Information about Rob Hersov’s family is unavailable to be public. He comes from a very wealthy family. The Hersov family is quite famous in South Africa. With the Menell family, they were the founders of the former mining house AngloVaal. Rob is the son of the successful businessman Basil Hersov. Basil is a mining executive who has had a lot of success in it and also in the business world.


Rob Hersov has distinguished himself among businessmen in South Africa. He has created opportunities for people and also made a fortune from his various ventures and investments. He is the founder, chairman, and CEO of Invest Africa. He is also chairman and partner of African Capital Investments, founder & chairman of Adoreum Partners, and chairman of the VistaJet advisory board.


Rob Hersov has a solid educational background that has helped him in the business world. He has a B.B.S. from the University of Cape Town and an M.B.A. from the Harvard Business School.


Rob Hersov has two children with his first wife, Kim Hersov. They both care for the children despite being divorced.

Contact Details

Rob Hersov debuted his official social media accounts @robhersov on Instagram and @rob_hersov on Twitter in October 2022.

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