Robot Boii Biography: Real Name, Age, Parents, Net Worth, Contact Details, TV Career, Dance & Music Career

Basic Information

Stage Name: Robot Boii
Real Name: Mzwakhe Mthandeni Mzee Ntshengula Mbuli Jr
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Record Producer, Dancer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Pimville, Soweto, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Unknown

Robot Boii Biography

Robot Boii is a South African singer and dancer who also occupies other offices in the arts. The inspiration for his adopted stage name is the robotics bloke Chad Smith (Mad Chad).

His interest in dance, according to him, began at the age of 15. His inspiration came from movies and videos as well as Mad Chad. He confessed to have watched numerous dance videos on YouTube. The result has been a commendable devotion to dance as well as splendid dance moves.

Besides dropping numbers as a solo artiste, Robot Boii, who admits to having a god-given drumming talent, plays the drums for 3C Ministries.

Real Name

Robot Boii’s real name is Mzwakhe Mthandeni Mzee Ntshengula Mbuli Jr. he was named for his father who is famous as a musician and poet


Robot Boii was 23 in 2016, so he should be around 28 this year. The exact day and year of his birth are still subjects of speculation.


Robot Boii, who is anything but a robot, is one of the industry figures who happen to have distinguished parents or parent. His father, with whom he shares the same name, Mzwakhe Mbuli , is a poet and former deacon of the Apostolic Church.

He was born in Sophiatown, South Africa, in 1959,  to Elijah Katali (father) and Roselinah Msuthukazi Mbuli (mother). His father trained him in traditional mbube songs. His father is fondly called the people’s poet. One might say that Robot Boii got his musical gifts from him.

Zukiswa Damse is the name of Robo Boii’s father’s latest wife. It can’t be established she is his mother, though. One thing Robot Boii never stops saying is that his parents are creative people. so he probably got his creative energies from them…

Net Worth

Robot Boii is doing great in the music industry. Although he might appear evasive on what his net worth really is, he is still a musical success. Industry figures point at him being among the millionaire figures on Mzansi’s music orbit. The exact figure of his net worth is unknown.

Contact Details

Robot Boii is one muso who appears to be indifferent about his contact. His social media profiles show no professional contact details. At any rate, one might still reach him via a direct message on Instagram or Twitter and via a mention on the same platforms.

TV Career

Robot Boii’s television career is pretty foggy. But then, he’s been casted in, among others, advert for the Coca Cola brand and the Wimpy ‘Nom Nom Mondays’ advert. His mantra is to just do it without worrying whether or not one would succeed or fail in his plans.

Dance & Music Career

Robot Boii’s dance adventure began during his high school days when he joined a dance crew and adopted the stage name Lyrical Sneakers. He soon ditched the group to pursue a solo career in dancer.

He retained the stage name he used with the group, however, popping in a number of competitions, including South African Dance Company (SADC)  and Urban Dance Competition.

Dance and music are said to go hand in hand, so it wasn’t surprising that Robot Boii should branch into music along the way. In fact, today, most people know him for his music than for his dance.

Since leaping into the world of music, he has released songs of his song as well as worked with some of the music industry’s major names, including RapLyf boss Kwesta and Costa Titch

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