Ronald Dion DeSantis Biography, Wife, Education, Disney, Height, Net Worth, Religion, Nationality, Children & Parents

Basic Information

Stage Name: Ron DeSantis
Real Name: Ronald Dion DeSantis
Occupation: Politician & Governor of Florida
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:  Jacksonville, Florida, USA
Gender: Male
Nationality: American
Marital Status: Married (to Casey DeSantis)
Education: Yale University

Ronald Dion DeSantis Biography

Ronald Dion DeSantis, known simply as Ron De Santis, is the current governor of Florida and a hopeful in the 2024 presidential election. His campaign got off to a wobbly start but he isn’t up hope just yet.

Born in Jacksonville, Florida, United States, Ron is actually of Italian lineage but has since been assimilated in the United States, where he contested for and eventually won the position of Florida – easily one of America’s most important states.

Before then, in 2012, he had a significant political ascendancy when he defeated the Democrat Heather Beaven and was elected to Congress, a position he held until 2018. A year later, in 2019, he was elected the 46th governor of Florida. He is part of the Republican Party.


Gov DeSantis is off the market, having tied the knot with one-time girlfriend Casey DeSantis. The couple met at the driving range off Kernan at the University of North Florida. She was learning to play golf at the time and her swing was bad. Anyway, they started talking and got married soon after. Casey is a breast cancer survivor.


He might not be the richest public servant out there, but Ron DeSantis is easily one of the most educated. He attended Dunedin High School, Yale University, Harvard Law School and the Naval Justice School. From his academic odyssey, it is obvious that his life reloves around legal studies.


DeSantis is one man whose name has been “entangled” with Disney for as long as we can remember. It all started in 2009. That year, he got married to the love of his life, Casey DeSantis, at Walt Disney World. In retrospect, he would describe that moment as ironic because he is currently embroiled in a legal battle with the company.

Disney has just scrapped a project it initially planned for Florida, leading to conflict with the governor. The conflict reportedly stems from Disney’s opposition to Florida’s Don’t Say Gay law. The lawsuit is legally known as Disney v. DeSantis.


Does height matter? Well, to each his own. The Florida governor is said to have a height of 5′ 8,″ which isn’t bad by the way. Some sources put his height at 5′ 9″ though.

Net Worth

What is Ron DeSantis’s net worth? That is one question many people have been throwing about, with some tweeps saying they expected he would be extremely wealthy. Well, he probably isn’t, as data from Celebrity Net Worth suggest that he has a net worth of about $320,000


Gov. DeSantis was born and raised a catholic. And although he rarely discusses his religious leanings, he is a cosmopolitan who is welcoming of other faiths – something expected of a public servant worth the title.


From his name, it is obvious that Ron DeSantis is of Italian origin. However, he is currently an American citizen. There is no way he could be a governor in the United States without American citizenship.

Children & Parents

The Florida governor is a believer in family and has got something of his own. Madison DeSantis, Mamie DeSantis, and Mason DeSantis are the three known children of the governor who is vying to become the president of the United States in 2024.

Ron DeSantis’s parents are no other than Karen Rogers (mother) and Ronald DeSantis (father). From the name it could be seen that the Florida governor was named after his father.

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