Rorisang Thandekiso Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Being Virgin, Parents, Radio Show, Church & Net Worth

Basic Information

Stage Name: Rorisang Thandekiso
Real Name: Rorisang Thandekiso
Occupation Media Personality and Singer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Bloemfontein, Free State, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: University of Pretoria in 2009

Rorisang Thandekiso Biography

Rorisang Thandekiso is a South African singer and media personality who continues to capture the attention of her compatriots because of her decision to keep her virginity until marriage. She will be 34 in August and she remains a virgin.

Big deal, perhaps. But chastity is not all that defines her. She is also a singer and a radio presenter. Her interest in presently likely dates back to when she was in secondary school, as she had a very strong interest in public speaking back then.

Rorisang Thandekiso was brought up along the Vaal Triangle alongside a sister and a brother. She credits her mother with inculcating in her the values that have kept her chaste to this day.


Rorisang Thandekiso was born in 1989, which makes her 33 years at the time of writing. She will be 34 in a couple of months. There is something august about every August.


A while back, it was rumoured that Rorisang Thandekiso was dating Idols SA winner, Musa, but he denied it at the time. The media personality herself had to clarify that Musa was just a friend and they were not dating. She then revealed that she was dating someone else not linked to the entertainment industry as she prefers someone who isn’t famous. The person, who clearly shares her values, was never named.

Being Virgin

Virginity is not something many ladies take seriously these days, in the era of TikTok and Instagram where, where everyone seems to be in a hurry to “make it” and be seen as “woke,” fashionable and trendy. Rorisang Thandekiso is different, though. She picked the path of chastity and has stuck to it for 33 years.

It takes courage and discipline to keep one’s virginity right into one’s 30, so fans have been keen to know her secret and the basis of that decision. She happily shared that in a recent interview. The decision was based on her mother’s Bible teaching.


Not much is known about Rorisang Thandekiso’s father as the conversation about her parents tilts more towards her mother, a lady with whom the media personality is well pleased. Back in those days, her mother was working at Vaal Triangle, Johannesburg, so Rorisang Thandekiso was raised in the area as well

Radio Show

Rori, as she is fondly called, has an abiding love for radio which explains why it has been a part of her life for a long time. She was formally at Touch Central and remained there until it changed its name to Touch HD. Thereafter, she had moved to the SABC1 network, where she hosts a breakfast show on Metro FM – easily one of the most popular stations on the network and home to a couple of famous figures, including Sizwe Dhlomo.


Rorisang Thandekiso is your “church sister,” someone you can count on to be present during a church service and to share the word with the congregation as well, admonishing all on the paths of righteousness and leading the Christian race in the way it should go at a time when social media has beclouded the spiritual;l sensibilities on many.

Net Worth

One thing about being famous is that everyone wants to know what you are worth. And even though the celebs might try to hide it, people will always come up with figures they assume represents the celeb’s bag. That is exactly the case with Rorisang Thandekiso.

It is unclear exactly how much she is worth, but some sources put her net worth at $300k – not a bad figure actually.

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