Sakina Kamwendo Biography: Age, Family, Father, Husband, Nationality, Net Worth & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Sakina Kamwendo
Real Name: Sakina Kamwendo
Occupation: South African Actress, Television Personality
Date Of Birth/Age: 26 September 1979
Place of Birth: South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married
Education: University Of Witwatersrand

Sakina Kamwendo Biography

In the brave new world of South African broadcasting, Sakina Kamwendo is one of the figures that stand out. Born in South Africa, the same country has been home to the TV goddess since and the same place she started her adventure in broadcasting.

It started at Radio Eldos, a small community radio at Eldorado Park. After that, she became a call screener at Talk Radio 702. It turned out the beginning of her big break as she quickly transitioned to producing weekend and then early breakfast shows.

During this time, she combined the Talk Radio 702 gig with a job at the Maths Center. However, she decided to focus full-time on broadcasting and quit the Maths Center job after being offered the Traffic Reporter position on the David O’Sullivan Show.

In the intervening years, she’d snapped other presenting roles and won awards for her expertise too. She’s currently an anchor at SAfm.


For a lady who has managed to hide several aspects of her life and family from the public, it is interesting that Sakina Kamwendo’s age should be public knowledge.

She was reportedly born in 1979, so that makes her 42 years at the time of writing. Of course, her birthdays are no noisy affairs. But then, that’s not surprising given her deep love for privacy.


One aspect of Sakina Kamwendo’s life she would rather keep to herself is her family. The others are to be found in the sections below.

While details about her family are sketchy at best, she’s reportedly been married for almost two decades and mothered four children.  The names of the children are unknown. She recently lost a daughter, though.


Fathers usually hold special spots in the hearts of their children. And while this might be the case with television presenter Sakina Kamwendo, she had barely delved into anything relating to him.

Yeah. And because she’s more focused on her career than anything else, she had not cued fans, and the general public about the man and details relating to him remain shrouded.


For one who’s a public figure, Sakina Kamwendo has successfully kept some aspects of her life hidden from the public. One such part is who her husband might be. Although she has children, the identity of her husband is unknown.


In case you are among those who assume Sakina Kamwendo is not South Africa, you’re off the mark. The actress is from Mzansi and glad to be. However, South Africa is not only her country of origin. It’s also a place she’s happy to call home.

Net Worth

Sakina Kamwendo isn’t doing badly by South African standards. Although she wouldn’t be caught delving into the details of her earnings and how much she’s worth in sum, the public has never stopped giving out possible figures.

At the time of writing, her net worth is between $200k and $300k. Translated to rand, that’s not a bad sum.

Contact Details

If you want to get in touch with Sakina Kamwendo professionally, you might be on a long thing, as the media personality has neither released a phone number nor an email by which to reach her.

But then she’s active on social media and can be reached via those – by a mention or tag or by a direct message. Her Instagram profile appears blank – with no posts. However, she’s very active on Twitter, where she has over 200k followers.

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