Scott Sakupwanya Biography, Age, Wife, Net Worth, House, Cars, Family, Children & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Scott Sakupwanya
Real Name: Pedzai Sakupwanya
Occupation: Gold Dealer, Politician
Date Of Birth/Age: 44 years (As of 2023)
Place of Birth: Harare, Zimbabwe
Gender: Male
Nationality: Zimbabwean
Marital Status: Married


Pedzai Sakupwanya, popularly known as Scott Sakupwanya, is a Zimbabwean gold dealer and politician. Scott is known for flaunting his riches on social media. He gained more prominence in 2020 after photos of him posing with dozens of gold bars went viral on social media. He is known as one of the wealthiest gold dealers in Zimbabwe. At the time, there were reports that he was a runner for rich white gold dealers. Sakupwanya was appointed Affirmative Action Group (AAG) President on 28 March 2022. His appointment was, with immediate effect replacing Mike Chimombe, who was relieved of his post. Scott Sakupwanya is also the Chairperson of Zimbabwe’s Gold Buyers Association.


ZimLive reported in 2021 that Sakupwanya faced arrest after his Betterbrands Mining Company illegally snatched 132 gold mining blocks from Redwing Mine in Penhalonga with Redwing judicial manager Cecil Madondo. Probadek Investments had gone public with it when they approached the police and the courts, claiming they had entered into an agreement with Redwing through Madondo.

At the time, Madondo was remanded in prison for fraud over the Sakupwanya deal. The Redwing agreement was for Probadek Investments to mine on the same blocks later awarded to Sakupwanya’s Betterbrands.

In April 2023, Scott Sakupwanya was named in a Gold Mafia scandal. He was named one of the country’s biggest gold barons by Uebert Angel, an ambassador-at-large, who was featured in a corruption-busting documentary by Al Jazeera. Angel called Sakupawanya a bigger gold dealer than Ewan MacMillan.

“MacMillan doesn’t control nothing. This (Sakupwanya) was his worker cleaning his car. He is the number one now in Zimbabwe.”


Scott Sakupwanya was born in Harare, Zimbabwe, in 1979. He is believed to be 44 years old as of 2023. He has not shared many details about his age. He dropped out of school in Form 2 and began working as a gardener for a white couple. The couple he worked for operated a gold mine at the time. They offered him the job of working as a runner for them, taking gold to the Government. He accepted and later decided to branch out on his own.


Scott Sakupwanya is married. He has kept details of his marriage and wife away from the public. Several sources have confirmed he’s married, but Scott’s private life remains a mystery to the public. He does not talk about his wife and is never seen with her in public. Her name is also unknown.

Net Worth

Scott Sakupwanya reportedly made a fortune after working hard for 25 years. His reported net worth is $30 million. He is one of the wealthiest gold dealers in Zimbabwe. Sakupwanya is also a businessman and a politician. He owns BetterBrands Jewellery which sponsored Emmanuel Bako in 2018. It is currently the only company with a license to export gold from the country.

He was named the Best Gold Buyer of the Year at the inaugural annual Mining Industry Awards held at State House in Harare.


In 2022, there were rumours that Scott had built a mansion similar to Bill Gates’ $125 million mansion. The rumours were started by a Facebook account. In an interview, Scott labeled them false.


Scott has shared photos of himself and his cars.


Scott Sakupwanya was reportedly raised in a humble background. Growing up, his family didn’t have much hence his decision to quit school and work as a gardener. Not much is known about his family growing up. Also, he has kept information about his own nuclear family private.


Details about Scott Sakupwanya’s children are unknown to the public. He has successfully kept his private life away from the public eye. It is unknown if he has children.

Contact Details

There are no contact details for Scott Sakupwanya online.

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