Senzo Radebe Biography, Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Girlfriend, Parents, Height & Movies

Basic Information

Stage Name: Senzo Radebe
Real Name: Senzokuhle Radebe
Occupation: Actor
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Alexandra, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Alexandra High School

Senzo Radebe Biography

Senzokuhle Radebe, known simply as Senzo Radebe, is a South African actor, model and fitness coach. His interest in acting started from when he was a kid and solidified through high school. Keen to hone his skills as an actor, he had taken courses at Twilight Theatre Productions.

The decision to study with the theatre would prove pivotal, as he started getting roles in the industry. In the intervening years, he has featured in several notable series in South Africa, including Muvhango and  Isono.

His interests, however, transcend acting. So he studied fitness science at the HFPA Fitness Academy and now works as a personal trainer as well.


The actor was born in May 1993, which means he celebrated his 30th birthday in the same month earlier this year.

Net Worth

Senzo Radebe might be doing pretty well as an actor, but his net worth is one thing he won’t tell you. This has given room to speculations, with wild numbers flying all over the place. His exact net worth is unknown


Among the aspects of Senzo Radebe’s life that have been of great curiosity to fans is his home. As a rule, while celebs usually share snaps of their home, they also leave out key identifying information like street and house number. In Senzo’s case, though, There is actually nothing to be seen – not the house, not the street number. Nothing. He is likely cool with wherever he calls home at the moment.


Senzo Radebe is doing pretty well as an actor, which has fueled the public’s curiosity about the type of car he drives. After all, celebs are known to splurge on exotic cars to illuminate their celebrity status and the image of plenty. So where does one place Senzo Radebe?

It is unclear where he belongs, but the Thespian is said to own a BMW.


Senzo Radebe is a famous figure and certainly not one you expect would have trouble getting a lady. However, his relationship status is pretty much under wraps. While it is public knowledge that he is not married yet, it cannot be determined if he has a girlfriend and who she might be.

Now and then, though, people insinuate that he is dating one of his colleagues or the other. One such person is Bukiwe Keva. But she denied dating him while answering questions from her Instagram fans.


Senzo Radebe is a famous actor, but that is as far as it goes. Not much is known about his parents and what his relationship with them is. He has obviously done a great job of keeping the identity of his parents away from the public eye. Nut then, whoever they are, they must be proud of what he has achieved so far as an actor.


In acting, an actor’s height is not as important as his gifts. However, there are some characters that might require specific traits in an actor, including being tall or short. At any rate, Senzo is not some midget out of your local township. Multiple sources put his height at 1.68 metres.


A single appearance in a film is enough for someone to earn the actor tag. And when one has acted in several flicks spanning the course of many years, the stripes increase, with the possibility of being called a veteran at some point.

Senzo Radebe isn’t doing badly by all accounts, having featured in several flicks, including Isono, Giyani – Land of Blood, Gonora, and most recently, Shaka iLembe.

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