Sharon Seno Biography: Age, Net Worth, Height, Hairstyle, Husand, Qualifications & Education

Basic Information

Stage Name: Sharon Seno
Real Name: Sharon Seno
Occupation: Actress, Media Personality and Model
Date Of Birth/Age: 12 June, 1994
Place of Birth: Kanye, Botswana
Gender: Female
Nationality: Batswana
Marital Status: Single
Education: Unknown


Sharon Seno is a popular Television actress and model from South Africa. She gained major recognition in the country, and also in Africa for portraying the character, Marang Motsoaledi in the popular soap opera, “Muhvango”. She has since because one of the most talked about characters on the TV show.


Sharon Seno was born and raised in a small village in Botswana known as Kanye on the 12th day of June in 1994. She celebrated her 27th birthday in June 2021. Sharon Seno is known to currently reside in South Africa where she has gained major popularity for appearing in the hit TV soap opera, Muhvango.


Sharon Seno first gained attention in 2013, when she emerged 5th runner-up in the Miss Botswana contest. The show helped give her a push.

Chasing an acting career, she was given the script for the character, Marang Motsoaledi in the TV soapie, Muhvango. She quickly fell in love with it and determined to score a chance to play it. Acing all of her auditions, Sharon finally won the role. It was given to her by Mr. Michael Mosipidi of ABOSPA and Mr. Duma Ka Ndlovu of Word of Mouth Productions.

Since she made her debut on the show, Sharon has been credited for delivering a perfect portrayal of Marang. Marang is a leader PA who works for Mr. Michael Mosipidi of ABOSPA and Mr. Duma Ka Ndlovu of Word of Mouth Productions in Muhvango.

While she first gained some recognition for it, she gained even more fame following a controversy surrounding her character on the show. This was after her character, Marang shared a kiss with another character, James Motsamai portrayed by Dingaan Khumalo.

The controversy happened majorly because the Muhvango is known for rarely showcasing passionate scenes. This made her one of the most talked about characters in the show.

Net Worth

The exact estimate of Sharon Seno’s net worth is not known to the general public as neither she nor her team has ever revealed it. However, several media outlets have estimated her worth to be around $100,000 to $400,000. This is based on her success as a pageant contestant, in TV shows, and also as a model. Neither Sharon nor her team has reacted to this estimate.


Sharon Seno is known to have a good height perfect for a pageant queen and also for a female model. She is about 1.7m tall.


Sharon Seno is famous for always experimenting with different hairstyles. She is not one to be pinned to just one hairstyle. Sometimes, she is seen spotting a long hairdo, or something packed. She has also been spotted in a low-cut, and has dyed her hair on several occasions.


Since Sharon Seno gained recognition, she has not shared any information about who she is dating or even about being married to anyone. She is known to keep private details of her romantic life personal. However, she has shared photos of different men to her social media pages sparking romance rumours but never really reacts to the rumours.

Qualifications & Education

There is no known information about Sharon Seno’s educational background or qualifications. She has also opened up about it, saying that unlike her siblings, she chased after different passions and did not further her education. Seno has also revealed that she might go back to school to study drama.

Sharon Seno is fluent in both Setswana and English languages.

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