Shauwn Mkhize Biography: Age, Net Worth, House, Cars, Husband, Net Worth, Companies & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Shauwn Mkhize
Real Name: Shauwn Mkhize
Occupation: Actor, Singer
Date Of Birth/Age: 6 April (Year Unknown)
Place of Birth: KwaZulu-Natal, South
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Divorced (but dating again)
Education: Durban University of Technology

Shauwn Mkhize Biography

Shauwn Mkhize is a South African actress, businesswoman and philanthropist who made a fortune from constructing houses for the government in South Africa.

The daughter of the late anti-apartheid activist and leader Florence Mkhize, Shauwn was born in KwaZulu-Natal and grew up there. However, she has managed to hide aspects of her life, so her age is not known today.

From when she was young, she had shown an aptitude for business and for making money. So e she was to making the rands that she soon emerged as one of South Africa’s richest women.

It’s not all about business for Shauwn Mkhize, though. She’s also the brains behind the Kwa Kwamkhize reality television show on Showmax. She has won a couple of awards, including the Woman of the Year. She especially values this one and flaunts it on Instagram.


If you’re hoping to hear Shauwn Mkhize’s age, you might be on a long thing – as the saying goes. She might be flashy, and all, but one thing Shauwn Mkhize has managed to keep away from the public is her age.

The day and month of her birth are said to be 6 April. But, unfortunately, the year is not out there, making it impossible to determine her age. Based on how she looks, though, fans have been guessing.

Net Worth

Shauwn Mkhize is one of the riches South Africans out there, although she’s never made it to the Forbes list of richest Africans. Nevertheless, her net worth is estimated to be around R350 million – not bad for a woman who’s displayed great business acumen from an early age.


The businesswoman has several houses, one of which is said to be so large it can pass for a five-star hotel. When this particular mansion was revealed on social media, many users were incredulous.

Back in 1995, she had bought a multi-million rand property in the suburb of La Lucia. Other purchases have followed, including a mansion worth 3.5 million and another worth 2.9 million.

By the way, one of her mansions was converted into a showroom for her exotic fleet.


Shauwn Mkhize loves cars and has never hidden that love. In fact, the love for flashy automobiles was there when she was married to Sbu Mpisane, and it remains after their divorce in 2019, after 15 years together.

Shauwn Mkhize’s cars are a Bentley, a Porsche, a Maserati and an Aston Martin – wheels fit for a queen.


Shauwn Mkhize had a husband once upon a time but none at the moment. She was previously married to socialite and businessman Sbu Mpisane. After a decade and a half together, the couple divorced in 2019.

On her divorce, she had this to say: “It was a very difficult decision to make and a very emotional decision to take. I felt like it was being cut off, but I figured I have to learn and get used to not loving this man.”

Sbu was a metro cop and was regarded as one of the richest then, thanks to the supposedly limitless resources of  Shauwn Mkhize. He would leave the police world to join his wife in business, managing, among others, her football club, Royal Eagles FC.

The ownership of the club was disputed during the divorce, but Sbu conceded it later.

Sbu’s relationship with his kids is a mixed one. While his daughter Sbahle Mpisane (the product of a previous relationship) praises him for always having her interest at heart, his son Andile, who currently manages the family’s football club, calls him a cheat and a liar who was sucking Shauwn Mkhize’s blood.


Shauwn Mkhize started her career decades ago – in the 2000s. she started with a property business, establishing Zikhulise Group soon after. The company has several other companies under its wings, including Royal AM Luxury & Grooming Pampering Lounge.


Shauwn Mkhize runs the Zikhulise Group, the umbrella company of smaller holdings, including the Zikhulise Auto Restorers, Inyanga Security Services and Zikhulise Cleaning Maintenance and Transport (ZCMT).

Zikhulise Cleaning Maintenance and Transport had a running battle with the South Revenus Service (SARS), which accused the company of tax evasion. The case ended in court, where a judge ruled that the company should be liquidated. That was in 2020.

Shauwn Mkhize also owns a football club, currently being managed by his son Andile.

Contact Details

Shauwn Mkhize is active on social media, especially Instagram. She can be reached via that medium, by a direct message or a mention. However, the Uzalo actress has not made public her personal phone number and email.

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