Shona Ferguson Biography: Age, Net Worth, First & Second Wife, Children, Cars, House, Acting Career & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Shona” Ferguson
Real Name: Aaron Arthur Ferguson
Occupation: YouTuber, Entrepreneur
Date Of Birth/Age: 30 April 1972
Place of Birth:  Gaborone, Botswana
Gender: Male
Nationality: Motswana
Marital Status: Married (to Connie Ferguson)
Education: Crawford College, La Lucia.

Shona Ferguson Biography

Aaron Arthur Ferguson, long famous simply as Shona Ferguson, is a Motswana actor and movie producer. Born in Gaborone, the movie producer moved to South Africa soon after.

He has since found success in South Africa’s music industry. He makes it a point, however, to visit his family in Botswana now and then.


Born in 1972, Shona Ferguson is currently 49 years. The movie buff celebrated his birthday a month ago. On his birthday, Connie had addressed a message to him on Instagram and thanked God for his life. She called him her husband, best friend, soul mate, baby daddy, and her partner in everything.

She had joked that he doesn’t like clothes but that’s okay by her, so long as he’s decent in public.

By the way, months prior, she had gifted him a cake out of the blue, thanking him for being her king.

Net Worth

Shona Ferguson is doing great as an actor and movie producer. In fact, at this point, he might be counted among the most successful in the game. Not surprisingly, his net worth is also top of the league.

The movie producer is said to have a net worth of around $2 million – not bad by South African standard. Personally he wouldn’t comment on what his net worth is.

First & Second Wife

Many often wonder if Shona Feguson was previously married before eventually settling down with his current wife Connie. We can’t confirm that the star was previously married.

Shona is currently married to Connie. He has no second wife. The couple are so seriously in love that many often think they have been a couple  forever. Well, they haven’t. They only happen to share a great bond as a couple, and many look up to them for relationship goals.


Shona Ferguson has one biological daughter and one step daughter. Shona’s wife Connie was previously married to actor Neo Matsunyane, with whom she has a daughter called Lesedi Matsunyane.

When Connie divorced Matsunyane and married Shona three years later, in 2001, Lesedi Matsunyane adopted the Ferguson surname, so many now identify her as Ferguson’s daughter.

In 2002, a year after Connie married Shona, she gave birth to his daughter Alicia Angel Ferguson. The two sisters get on quite well. Ferguson shares a great bond wih both his daughters.


It has been said that the cars a man possesses are windows into his tastes and net worth. True or false, there’s no denying that Shona Ferguson is part of the car-loving collective n South Africa and has a fine taste in whips.

His garage glitters wit, among others, a Mercedes Benz G Wagon, a BMW, a Range Rover Sport, a power bike, among others. The movie nut had showed off his acquisitions on his Instagram page previously. Check out the image below.


Shona Ferguson is living the lie many can only dream of. The movie producer and wife Connie jointly own a multimillion rand home in the heart of Mzansi. With its snazzy fence and well-manicured lawns, the mansion never fails to intrigue those who see it.

Shona Ferguson’s wife Connie is chuffed about the mansion and does not hide her excited about it – and in her man, too. No long ago, she had shared a clip of Shona zipping into the mansion in his power bike. She nailed him, stating that the American actor Van Diesel had nothing on her man Fergie.

Acting Career

Acting was an adventure Shona began along the way. He actually started out as a club DJ in Lesotho. Although he had a serious interest in the film industry at the time, he wasn’t sure he would make a success of it.

He credited his step-daughter Lesedi with encouraging him to make a full transition into the world of acting. Taking up Lesedi’s challenge, he had auditioned for the flick Generation and play the character Ace.

He was unimpressed by his performance but decided to audition for another flick, “Muvhango,” in which he played the role of Dr Lebua.

He did grat in that flick and has continued to rise as an actor and movie producer.

Contact Details

Shona Ferguson is active on social media, especially Instagram, and might be reached via the medium – by a mention or by a direct message.

Contacting him formally is somewhat tricky as he has hot given a phone number or an email on his Instagram channel.

This would not have been a problem if what’s supposedly his website,, is truly active. Following that web link leads no nothing that concerns the actor and executive producer.

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