Siboniso Duma Biography: Age, Qualifications, Wife, ANC, Political Career, Education & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Siboniso Duma
Real Name: Siboniso Armstrong Duma
Occupation: politician
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Mtwalume, KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Unknown

Siboniso Duma Biography

Siboniso Armstrong Duma is a South African political figure who, despite his public visibility, has managed to keep many aspects of his life hidden from the public.

A look through his history shows that he has actually had an extensive experience in politics. he had served as a Member of the Ad Hoc Committee on Land Matters (Kwazulu-Natal-Provincial-Legislature-Committee), where he strengthened his grasp of South Africa’s political terrain.

he has also held a spot as a Member of the KwaZulu-Natal Standing Committee on Oversight (Provincial Legislature Standing Committee) and as a Member of the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Legislature.

The post for which he is having the greatest buzz at the moment, however, is as a Member of the Executive Committee: Economic Development, Environmental Affairs, and Tourism. He has held that position since August this year.

Duma stands out for his political dexterity, which was especially apparent recently when he calmed frayed nerves and ensured aggrieved ANC members don’t embarrass President Cyril Ramaphosa by preventing him from delivering a speech. For that singular act of fostering calm amid the spectre of chaos, he trended on Mzansi Twitter,


Siboniso Duma might speak and speak on his native KwaZulu-Natal. However, there are many aspects of his life that he wouldn’t share with you. His age is one of them. He was said to have been born between 1975 and 1978. the exact details are unknown.


Siboniso Armstrong Duma’s qualifications are among the aspects of him that are still shrouded at the time of writing. Clearly, he wouldn’t be occupying his current positions without being qualified for them. Details of his qualification should be out one of these days, and we will


While reports point at Siboniso Duma being married, Details about this are pretty sketchy. It is unclear who his wife is 0 assuming he is married – and how long they have been together. If he has a wife and children, he has done a great job of hiding them from the public.


African National Congress, abbreviated ANC, is South Africa’s ruling party and the political home of Siboniso Duma. The party wrestled power from the then-ruling National Party (NP) during the first-ever multiracial elections in 1993 and has been in power ever since.

His public political career started with the ANC, and he was still with the party at the time of writing.

Political Career

It has been said – and accurately, too – that people don’t just manifest in their positions; they started from somewhere before eventually snagging their current spots. Siboniso Duma is no different. The politician’s political career started pretty early.


Siboniso Duma might be educated, but the details of his education are just not out there. He had reportedly attended school in his hometown of KwaZulu-Natal before joining mainstream politics in South Africa, quickly moving up the ranks and snagging an important position in the ruling African National Congress.

Contact Details

The contact details of political and famous figures are of great interest to members of the public. And because many who have that information readily abuse it, many famous figures have made it a point to hide their contact details.

Siboniso Duma is one such figure. He has not made his contact details available to the public. It’s also unclear if he is active on Instagram and Twitter in that the accounts in his name are not verified.

That said, his unverified email is: dumasa [at] kznleg dot gov dot za.

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