Siv Ngesi Biography, Boxing Career, Movies, Baby, Net Worth & Charity Foundation

Basic Information

Stage Name: Siv Ngesi
Real Name:  Sivuyile Ngesi
Occupation: Actor
Date Of Birth/Age: 18 October 1985
Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Pinelands High School

Siv Ngesi Biography

Sivuyile “Siv” Ngesi is a South African actor and media personality. Born in Cape Town, he didn’t have the best relationship with his father until later. Following his father’s death via a vehicle accident in 2004, Siv noted he’s living his life to fulfil his father’s wish and make the deceased proud – wherever he might be currently.

 Boxing Career

One aspect of Siv Ngesi’s life that some people may not know is that he’s also a pugilist. Yeah, the champ boxes as well. In 2016, he was part of a boxing match for charity and was undefeated in his four fights.

In 2021, he’d challenged Big Zulu to a boxing match, but the Inkabi Records boss declined, stating he doesn’t box with women.


Although he’s not the most prominent actor in South Africa’s movie universe, Siv Ngesi is still a distinguished figure in that orbit, with several acting credits.

His filmography covers movies like  Black Sails (cast as Udo), S.I.E.S. (cast as Ike Molefe), eKasi: Our Stories (cast as Anelisa), 24: Redemption (cast as Thomas), and League of Glory (cast as Kaiser Sigcau)


There’s no evidence Siv is the biological father of a child. However, he’s been looking out for a couple of “unknown” kids out there. In one instance, a mother complained that her baby daddy wouldn’t show up for their 12-year-old daughter’s birthday, and SIV had elected to buy a gift for the kid.

Also, back in 2019, the celebrated media personality found a baby abandoned in a bush and took her in.

In an update, he noted that the child was abandoned and was eaten up by ants and animals but that she’s doing okay with him.

Net Worth

As a thespian and public figure, Siv Ngesi isn’t doing badly. While he wouldn’t be caught dead discussing his net worth, the public has been doing the talking. At the time of writing, he’s said to have a net worth of about $500k – an impressive sum by South African standards.

Charity Foundation

Siv Ngesi runs a charity called MENstruation foundation, which creates empowerment through awareness, fights period poverty, and gives women dignity.

The foundation has received serious attention from South African media and the Global Citizen platform. Also, donations have been pouring in for the foundation, and at some point, it received 1 million sanitary pads.

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