Spiwe Given Msimango Biography, Age, Net Worth, Salary, Transfers, Place Of Birth, House, Cars, Parents & Position


Basic Information

Stage Name:Spiwe Given
Real Name:Spiwe Given Msimango
Occupation:Professional Footballer
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth:Brakpan, Gauteng, South Africa
Nationality:South African
Marital Status:Single
Education:University of Johannesburg]

Spiwe Given Msimango Biography

Spiwe Given Msimango is a professional footballer of South African provenance.

He had a great interest in football from when he was younger. But then, education was also knocking at his door, she he decide to make a compromise at the tertiary level. He converted his full-time degree programme to part-time.

With this conversion, Spiwe has been able to give enough time to football. He, however, readily acknowledges it has not been easy.


May has come and gone, but the month he;ld great significance for Spiwe, as he celebrated his 26th birthday that month.

Net Worth

Spiwe isn’t doing badly as a player. And although he appears indifferent to discussions about his net worth, some sources claim he has a net worth of about $800k


Footballers rarely tell how much they earn, even though now and then the numbers pop up online. It is unclear exactly how much he earns as a salary at Kaizer Chiefs, but it must be something he is cool with


Transfers are the souls of football and probably other sports, as they ensure that athletes don’t stagnate in their careers but have the choice to move to other teams that might desire their services more and even pay more for the same. SPiwe is still pretty young not only in age nut in his career as well, so his transfer history is not exactly crowded.

His transfer history shows that he had played for Highland Park before making his way to TS Galaxy FC, which he captained briefly before moving to Kaizer Chiefs, where he currently is.

Place Of Birth

Spiwe Given Msimango is a bloke of South African provenance, He also happens to be one of the South Africans who were born in the country. Gauteng province is on record to be the place he was born. Gauteng, situated on the Highveld, is one of the nine provinces of South Africa and also one of the most developed. It has Johannesburg as its capital.


A house, like a car, is something players are more than happy to splurge on, especially if it illuminates their prestige and achievements. Spiwe Given is hard to place, as details about his home are currently unavailable. Also, it cannot be determined if he is living in his own house or a rented apartment


Footballers, celebrated or not, are known for their love of splendid cars. And then they have made enough, most splurge on some choice rides out there. So where would Spiwe be placed? Well, that depends on how high you rate the Volkswagen brand. The defensive midfielder is known to own a Volkswagen. Golf GTI

It cannot be determined if that is the only car he owns.


Spiwe might have parents – no way could he have popped into this place without them – but not much is known about them and what they do. It is assumed he has a good relationship with them, however.



There are multiple positions on the pitch of football, and some players happen to be more effective in some positions than in others. This explains why coaches pick particular players for particular positions based on the strengths they have observed in them.

Of course, some players are able to play multiple positions. For Spiwe Given Msimango, the defensive position is where he happens to have the most strength. That’s the position he plays with the Chiefs.

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