Tekno Biography: Real Name, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Age, Baby Mama, Cars, House, Education & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Tekno
Real Name: Augustine Miles Kelechi
Occupation: Politician, Businessman, Leader of the EFF
Date Of Birth/Age: 17 December 1992
Place of Birth: Bauchi, Nigeria
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: Single

Tekno Biography

Tekno is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Born in Bauchi to a soldier father, the songster traveled across most states in Nigeria, following the trajectory of his father’s transfers.

Although Tekno didn’t go to the university, he was able to master the piano and some other musical instruments at a young age, leading him to ultimately pursue a career in music.

Signed to K-Money Entertainment, Tekno  released his first single “Holiday.” In 2012, in Abuja, he snapped the attention of several celebrities when he performed a song titled “Onye Ne Kwu.”

A year after the song, he was signed to Ubi Franklyn’s Made Men Music Group and, heeding the advice of his new record boss, moved to Lagos from Abuja. He earned his first award nominations in 2014 with the singles “Anything” and “Dance.”

He scored his first national hit with “Duro,” a chart-topping that that ultimately provoked a remix featuring Phyno and Flavour.

It’s been years since that hit. Tekno has released other charming numbers, washing away doubts about his talents.

Real Name

Tekno’s real name is Augustine Miles Kelechi. The “Kelechi” part of his name means “Thank God” in the Igbo.  The songster is also sometime simply called Alhaji Tekno and Tekno Miles, to differentiate him from a DJ of the same stage name.


Tekno’s girlfriend is also his baby mama. Lola Rae is a musician herself but not nearly as famous for her music as the man with whom she has a child. But that’s by the way. She’s the daughter of a British father and a Ghanaian mother.

Born in 1991, Lola Rae is a year younger than Tekno. She came to London at the age of 16 and joined a dance group called Mr Cool. The group appeared on the British show Britain’s Got Talent, which Lola’s singing gift was noticed.

Lola rae confesses a love for Afro-pop music and has dreams of one day creating a new sound that appeals to younger women.

Net Worth

Tekno is rich and has no qualms admitting he’s got the cheddar. A couple of years ago, fresh from a trip to England, on his stories, he had posted a series of videos stating that he didn’t go to school but he counts hundreds of millions.

He also affirmed his faith that one day Nigeria will be better and graduated will earn decent pay for their skills and education. He urged his fans to vote to endure a better Nigeria.

There you have it. The singster has told y’all his net worth, which runs into hundreds of millions.


Born in 1992, Tekno is currently 28 years. He’ll be 29 in December, a day he’s already looking forward to.

Baby Mama

Tekno’s baby mama is a British-Nigerian and also a singer and dancer like her man. Rachel Akosua Funmilola Garton, known professionally as Lola Rae, and Tekno revealed they were dating back in 2017.

A year after they disclosed they were dating, Lola Rae and Tekno welcomed a baby girl. At the time of the child’s birth, Tekno had congratulated himself on being a dad and thanked Lola for putting things together.

Tekno readily gushes over Lola Rae, his only know baby mama to date.


The “Jogodo” crooner loves cars and has never hidden that love. He will certainly make the list of Nigerian musicians with pricey whips. Among the cars he has in his collection are a Range Rover, anUnlimited Rubicon Jeep Wrangler worth about 20 million, a Mercedes Benz S550 Coupe worth about 42 million, a BMW X6 worth about 18 million, A Lamborghini Aventador worth about N155 million, among others.

If you think Tekno’s love for luxury stops at cars, then you’re mistaken. The songster also has a mansion in the Ikota area of Lagos, valued at over 80 million. The décor of the palatial home was deliberately made to suit Tekno’s music style.


For those who want to know, Tekno would gladly admit that he didn’t go to to school – oe rather didn’t attend a university and therefore didn’t graduate, but that he counts millions than those with tertiary education.

He stated this not to brag but to illuminate the tragedy of the Nigerian socirety where corruption rules and graduates can barely find jobs – and therefore have no money.

Contact Details

If you wanna contact Tekno, then you’re in luck. The songster maintains active social media accounts, including on Twitter and Instagram. So, on those platforms, he’s just a direct message or a mention away.

Tekno’s personal contact details like email  and phone number have not been made public, however. We’ll update those when they become available.

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