Thabsie Biography, Songs, Albums, Awards, Education, Net Worth, Age & Relationships

Basic Information

Stage Name: Thabsie
Real Name: Bathabise Biyela
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter, Social Media Influencer
Date Of Birth/Age: Unknown
Place of Birth: Cape Town, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Thando Vokwana)
Education: Unknown

Thabsie Biography

Bathabise Biyela, who has adopted the stage name of Thabsie, is a South African investment banker-turned singer-songwriter. But her foray into music is not exactly an accident. She had always had a musical spirit from when she was little.
Born into a family of 5 girls, Thabsie is the fourth child.
A fitness freak, she splurges on gym gear and spends significant time working out. The result? She’s got one of the finest figures in the industry.
Although fame has long kissed her musical efforts, Thabsie is not one to show off. In fact one of her greatest turn-offs is ostentation. It repels her outright.


In an industry where many dropped out of school to pursue their musical dreams, Thabsie stands out among the few with university degrees.
Thabsie holds an economics degree from the University of Johannesburg. With this degree she was able to secure a position as an investment banker, a position she held until the lure of music snapped her into Mzansi’s RnB orbit.

Thabsie Songs

Thabsie may not be counted among the most prolific in South African music, but the singer has got a significant number of songs that resonate in South Africa to this day.
Thabsie has worked a backup singer for the likes of Donald, Cassper Nyovest, Proverb and Black Motion and her vocal services are still in hot demand in the Rainbow Nation.
Although right now she has got several songs to her name and is justly famous, it wasn’t until she popped as a guest on Kwesta’s soar away single “Ngiyaz’fela Ngawe” that the world truly paid attention to her and her singing gift.
Some notable songs from Thabsie include:

African Queen

Skhathi Sam


Mind Games

Thabsie Albums

Albums hold great significance to almost every artiste out there. For one, it takes much work to compile and produce. Also, it gives the listening public an idea of the artistic range – you might say wavelength – of the singer. Need we add that it provides an avenue for an artiste to bring others into their creative orbit? The possibilities are unlimited.
Thabsie currently has one album to her name.

Her debut album is titled “Songs About You.” She’s also featured on Una Ram’s “Wavy Baby” album.

Songs About You

This compilation is significant in that besides being her debut compilation, it gives the listening public a sweeping view or her creative universe – a beautiful place, we should say.

This body of work features 10 songs in all, beginning with “Thank You (Intro) and ending with 2AM (Outro). It might be said, also, that the compilation contains some of her best works to date.
You can listen to the album on Apple Music below.

Wavy Baby dropped exactly two years ago (2018), but the work is still fresh, engaging, with a devoted throng vibing with it.
“Wavy Baby” encapsulates 6 dreamy tunes, beginning with “Good Intentions” and ending with “Karma.” Oh, don’t run away, man. No one is invoking karma on your head. LOL.
By the way, you can listen to “Wavy Baby” on Apple Music below.


Given the impact she’s made in the music industry, it is inevitable Thabsie should attract the attention of award bodies out there. She has been nominated for the South African Music Awards (SAMA) three times.
Of course we expect more to follow, for the singer is not slackening pace. Not at all.

Net Worth

Thabsie is not the showy type, so her net worth has been a subject of speculation among fans. Well, the songstress is not in the league of the broke. She’s fairly comfortable as a millionaire.
The exact estimate is hard to determine.

Age & Relationships

Is Thabsie married? Fans have been asking this question. Now we bring an answer…
Thabsie is 28 and, oh, unavailable. Yup. She’s married to Thando Vokwana. Thabsie was traditionally Vokwana’s wife for awhile before they made things official at a colorful ceremony attended family and friends.
At the ceremony, she sang “Ngiyazifela Ngawe” to the excitement of those present.
Are there some significant facts you think we left out? Share them in the comment section below.

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