Themba Ntuli Biography: Age, Wife, Child, Education, Net Worth, Cars & House

Basic Information

Stage Name: Themba Ntuli
Real Name: Thembalethu Ntuli
Occupation: South African Actor, Filmmaker and Comedian
Date Of Birth/Age: 7 March 1991
Place of Birth: Ekhuruleni, East Rand in South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Hope Masilo)
Education: African Film and Drama Academy

Themba Ntuli Biography

Themba Ntuli is a South African actor, filmmaker and comedian and one many people look up to. Born with a growth deficiency, and although now an adult,Themba looks like a kid.

At the outset, in school, he was bullied because of his spare frame. In the intervening years, though, he had learned to accept himself. He had his biggest break in the film world as Pule in the series Rhythm City.


Born in 1991, Thenba Ntuli is currently 30 years. He celebrated his birthday in January.


She describes herself as a wife, evangelist, Jesus lover and people lover, and one who loves a good laugh, too. Hope Masilo has been living in the light of those offices.

The couple first met in 2008 via Facebook. Hope had sent Themba a message on the social media platform enquiring about a youth program he was part of. They lost touch but reconnected after three years.

This time, they became serious in their relationship. Around this period, Themba Ntuli had contacted a doctor who told him he had a solution for his growth deficiency. Excited, he told Hope, but she discouraged him, stating that she loves him the way he is. This convinced Themba he’s found the right woman. They got married in 2019.


Last we checked, Themba Ntuli doesn’t have a child yet. The “child” reference is clearly to the man himself because of his small stature. He had been born with a growth hormone deficiency which inhibited his growth as a child.

Now an adult, the comedian still looks like a child and is often cast as a child in movie flicks. He had, for instance, played the role of an 11-year-old animal lover Fearless in the flick Frank and Fearless. In the said flick, “Frank” had been played by Leon Schuster.


Although he’s not the most educated out there, Themba Ntuli has clearly achieved much for one who’s still young and with a growth deficiency. The movie nut studied at Dawnview High School, Primrose, Germiston. From grade 8 to 10, his focus was on drama.

Thereafter, he had been admitted at the African Film and Drama Academy (AFDA), where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in directing, writing, and television production.

Net Worth

For one who doesn’t exactly love noise, Themba Ntuli’s net worth bears serious noise. According to several online publications, his net is about $300,000 – not bad for an actor who usually gives his best to every role.


Besides the curiosity on which car Themba Ntuli owns, fans have often wondered if he drives himself. The reason for this is understandable. The actor is not on the tall side of life.

Anyway, about the car he owns, we can confirm that the “Rhythm City” ace owns a jeep. He’s often seen posing beside this blue beauty with his wife and sometimes alone.

We can’t confirm if he drives himself, as he’s most often to be found in the passenger’s seat or on the back seat. But then a vehicle can easily be adjusted for a person of any height,


Themba Ntuli’s is not loud on his assets, and it’s hard to determine what kind of house he lives in. the images he has shared so far do not give a splendid view of his apartment. Only a sexy jeep could be seen in what appears to be a fenced plot.

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