Thembi Nyandeni Biography, Age, Husband, Children, Net Worth, House, Cars, Movies & TV Shows

Basic Information

Stage Name: Thembi Nyandeni
Real Name: Thembi Nyandeni
Occupation: Actress
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Mofolo North, Soweto, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Divorced

Thembi Nyandeni Biography

The world of South African film is ever-evolving. In the midst of that evolution is a name that cannot be missed – Thembi Nyandeni. This Soweto-born actress is almost 70 years and has featured in some of the most memorable South African flicks out there.

In a world where actors take any role just to pay the bill, Thembi Nyandeni is somewhat selective, only consenting to play characters that she agrees with. And while she has acted in several flicks so far, her greatest to date was Isibaya, which also happens to be one of the most loved TV series in the Rainbow Nation

She didn’t have to audition for the role, as the producers had seen her previous performance and picked her. And she aced the role.


Thembi Nyandeni was born in Match 1958, which makes her 65 years at the time of writing. Unlike most celebs, her birthdays are never wild occasions.


The actress once had a husband whose identity remains shrouded to this day. She got married when she was much younger and the relationship led to the birth of a son, details about whom are given below. About sharing details about her husband, though, he remains circumspect.

From her interviews in the past, it is likely that infidelity on his part led to their divorce. And she has deliberately not gotten married again since. The reason for this might also be found in clues in interviews where she noted that men find it hard to stick to one woman and she wouldn\t want to risk exposing herself to STDs because her partner might not be faithful.


Children – blessed is the man whose quiver is full of them. That’s what the Bible says, but then blessed, still, is the person who has any in his quiver, yes? The actress has a son named Bandile Nyandeni with whom she happens to have a very close relationship.

Net Worth

How much is Thembi Nyandeni worth? You wouldn’t catch her dead discussing her net worth, as she is more focused on her career as an actress and giving her best in every role. But the public has been putting numbers and figures together. The result? Multiple sources put her net worth at around $200k. Converted to her local currency, it translates to a couple of millions.


For most celebrities, houses are not just that; they are an avenue to show their style and their current position in the industry. For this reason, most spare no expense to convey the right message to members of the public. But where does the actress fall in this case? It is hard to say, as details about her home are pretty scanty.


The Isibaya actress is not known for being loud about her assets. In fact, as much as possible. she tries to keep some aspects of her life personal and away from the public eye. It is unclear what cars she owns. Anyway, a couple of years back, she celebrated her son’s acquisition of a new vehicle in a post on her Instagram page.

Movies & TV Shows

As far as contributions to the South African entertainment industry go, Thembi Nyandeni has done pretty well, with several movies and TV shows to her name. And from the look of things, there is no stopping her anytime soon. Among her flicks and TV shows are Tsotsi, A Reasonable Man, The Redemption, The Two of Us, Isibaya, The Groom’s Price, A Reasonable Man, Zone 14 and Thando.

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