Tokyo Sexwale Biography: Age, Wife, Education, Net Worth, House, Cars, Businesses & Foundation,

Basic Information

Stage Name: Tokyo Sexwale
Real Name: Mosima Gabriel Sexwale
Occupation:  South African Politician and Businessman
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Soweto, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Married (to Natacha Da Silva)
Education: University of South Africa; National University of

Tokyo Sexwale Biography

Mosima Gabriel “Tokyo” Sexwale is a South African politician and businessman. He was an activist during the apartheid government and was jailed On Robben Island alongside Nelson Mandela because of his activism.

His activism during the apartheid era would serve him well later when apartheid was established, and he was released from jail. He’d joined politics, serving at some point as premier of South Africa’s Gauteng region. He had also worked briefly as minister of Human settlements. His days in that position were, however, steeped in controversies.

Known for his business acumen, Tokyo Sexwale had also ventured into several businesses, steadily establishing himself as one of the wealthiest South Africans. His business interests are extensive, covering areas like petroleum, mining, and real estate.

Tokyo Sexwale is not just a billionaire; he is a lover of the good life and happily lives large – a reality that was evident once again when he married his longtime lover Natacha over the weekend.

Here is one of his quotables:

“If blacks get hurt, I get hurt. If whites get hurt, that’s my wife, and if you harm coloured people, you’re looking for my children.”


The billionaire businessman was 69 years at the time of writing. He celebrated his birthday in March.


Tokyo Sexwale’s wife is no other than Natacha Da Silva. She happens to be on the quiet side of life, and not much is known about her.


Tokyo Sexwale is a lover of dedication and has had stints at schools like Orlando West High School, the University of South Africa, the University of Eswatini, and the National University of Lesotho.

Net Worth

Tokyo Sexwale is among the wealthiest South Africans, with a net worth of about R2.1 billion.


The billionaire businessman owns several houses, including a five-bedroom, sea-facing Cape Town villa. However, it is unclear which of the houses he lives in. He also owns – wait for it – a private island reportedly worth about R650 million.


A man of Sewale’s wealth could easily possess some of the most expensive vehicles money can buy. However, the politician isn’t too open about the cars he owns. Still, DaimlerChrysler had claimed that he owned one of their most expensive vehicles, the Maybach 62 sedan. His reaction indicated the company wasn’t correct.

Businesses & Foundation

Tokyo Sexwale has his many in many piles. His business encapsulates oil and diamond mining. He was formerly a trustee of the Nelson Mandela Foundation but stepped down in 2019 alongside Dr Mamphela Ramphele.

Popular Questions

  • How did Tokyo Sexwale make his money?

Tokyo Sexwale made his money from mining and several other business interests. He is the chairman of Mvelaphanda Resources, which has mining concessions across the world.

  • How old is Tokyo Sexwale?

Tokyo is 69 years at the time of writing. He would be 70 next year.

  • How do you pronounce Sexwale?

Hohn Wells gave a better pronunciation guide in the following words: “‘Seh-tongueclick-wah-leh.’ The ‘x’ in the Sex part is pronounced like a soft ‘g’ in Afrikaans. “‘

  • Who is Tokyo in South Africa?

He isn’t known simply as Tokyo but as Tokyo Sexwale. He’s a South African billionaire businessman and politician.

  • Who are the 5 billionaires in South Africa?

Actually, South Africa hAS more than five billionaires. If one were to count Tesla boss Elon Musk, he would be top of the list. Omitted, the would have the likes of Ivan Glasenberg, Johann Rupert, Nicky Oppenheimer, Patrick Soon-Shiong[, and Patrice Motsepe or Koos Bekker

  • Is Tokyo Sexwale married?

Yes, Tokyo Sexwale is married. He married his longtime partner Natacha Da Silva in November 2022 in a lavish ceremony attended by the cream of South African society.

  • When was Tokyo Sexwale born?

Tokyo Sexwalem was born in 1953, not long before the Soweto Uprising in which many blacks were killed by the racist state.

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