Tunde Ednut Biography: Age, Net Worth, Real Name, Songs, House, Cars & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Tunde Ednut
Real Name: Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle
Occupation: Nigerian Musician and Social Media Influencer
Date Of Birth/Age: 20 January 1986
Place of Birth: Katsina State,
Gender: Male
Nationality: Nigerian
Marital Status: in a relationship
Education: University of Lagos/ Kingsland University of London

Tunde Ednut Biography

Tunde Ednut is a Nigerian musician, comedian and social media personality who’s apparently ditched music for the gram.

Although born in Katsina in northern Nigeria, the songster is actually from Kogi state. He is the second child and the first son of his parents in a family of five.

After a stint at Cambridge International School and Federal Government College Ugolawo in Kogi state, he had moved to Lagos in western Nigeria. There he enrolled at the University of Lagos for a degree in graphic arts. He moved to the United States soon after, enrolling in the graphic design programme at Kingsland University in Atlanta.

He popped into the world of comedy for the first time in 2007, when he performed at the Dynamiks Awards in Nigeria. So splendid was his performance that guests reportedly gave him a standing ovation. This performance earned him the attention of key industry figures.

His musical career began after completing his academic programme in the States. He moved back to Nigeria, establishing Nutcase Records and working with the likes of Davido and Tiwa Savage.


Tunde Ednut has managed to keep his year of birth outta the public domain, leaving a whole nation guessing. Whatever the reason, it has not kept him from having a massive online following.

Although his year of birth is unknown, the month and day are out there. He is said to have been born on January 20. With the year under wraps, it’s hopeless arriving at a specific age.

Net Worth

By their cars, you shall know them, said a joker once. But that’s not a verdict we’re prepared to accept – nor is it one we encourage anyone to peddle. Anyway, Tunde Ednut is doing great as an entertainer and social media influencer.

He wouldn’t be bothered about discussions of his net worth. But there’s proof he’s a multimillionaire by Nigerian standards. Some peg his net worth at $400,000. That sum still translates to millions in naira.

Real Name

The name Tunde Ednut has so sunk in the hearts of social media denizens that many do not realize only one of the two names is given – the Tunde part. The comedian’s real name is Tunde Olaoluwa Adekunle.


Tunde Ednut has so enveloped many with his comedic – and, some would say sometimes thoughtless – social media posts that many have forgotten that he was actually once a musician and has collaborated with some key industry figures as well.

Among s the songs credited to Tunde Ednut are “Kosowo,” “Catching Cold”, “Philomena,” “Buga Won,” “Jingle Bell,” and “Baby Boo.”

He may no longer be making music – certainly not with the fervency of old – but Tunde Ednut’s name is already out there. And it’s hard to ignore. His acerbic tongue and consistency have made him a staple for the social media wanderer.


Tunde Ednut once lived in Lagos, Nigeria, but has since moved to Atlanta in the United States. It is unknown if he owns the house he lives in, in Atlanta or if he rented it.

Also, it cannot be established if he has a house in Lagos, his former state of abode, or elsewhere. Or both.


Tunde Ednut, who fancies himself a king or Mufasa, loves cars and has not hidden that. The comedian and Instagram influencer currently live in Atlanta in the United States. But while he was in Nigeria, he was noted to have a Range Rover Discovery and a Toyota Camry.

Fun Fact: When Tunde Ednut returned to Instagram after his first account was deleted by the medium, he had promised a new car to one of his followers. Ultimately, though, a group of skit makers (ITK Concepts), not an individual, won the gift – a Toyota Camry.

Fun Fact 2: The social media influencer is not exactly a fan of Made in vehicles. Two years back, in 2019, when Mercy Eke won the Big Brother Naija Lockdown edition and was gifted an Innoson SUV as part of her win, Tunde Ednut had mocked the vehicle, leading Innoson Motors to issue a statement in which it averred that Rome was not built in a day and that the Innoson brand is open to innovation.

Contact Details

Tunde Ednut is one public figure who has made things easy, especially for those who want to secure his services. Although he’s not released a phone number, there’s an email by which to reach him: tundeednut [@] gmail dot com

He’s active on Twitter and Instagram and might be reached via those media, by a mention or by a direct message.

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