Vuyani Pambo Biography: Age, Girlfriend/Wife, Academic Qualifications, Parents, Net Worth, Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Vuyani Pambo
Real Name: Vuyani Pambo
Occupation: South African Politician
Date Of Birth/Age: 12 August 1989
Place of Birth: Soweto, Gauteng, South Africa
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Wits University.

Vuyani Pambo Biography

Vuyani Pambo is a South African politician, a former student activist, and a current spokesperson for the opposition party, Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF).

He’d led the Fees Must Fall protests, a former student leader at Wits University, which put him in the limelight. He was arrested and detained for his activism, but that was only the beginning of him gaining political relevance – and power.

Much later, he would release a documentary dubbed Everything Must Fall, which earned him the South African Film and TV Award (SAFTA) in 2019.

Vuyani Pambo became a spokesperson for the EFF after the former spokesperson, Ndlozi, resigned.


Vuyani Pambo was born in 1989, so he’s currently 32 years. However, unlike most, his birthdays are not usually noisy affairs. Instead, he appears more interested in national service.


Does Vuyani Pambo have a wife or a girlfriend? Given his position, public interest in this area of his life has been expectedly high. However, at the time of writing, it’s obvious he wasn’t married.

And while he might have a girlfriend and be in a relationship, details about her are just not out there. Vuyani Pambo and his lady might have chosen to keep their relationship private for whatever reason.

But then, since he isn’t married, if you have a crush on him, you’re at liberty to shoot your shot.

Academic Qualifications

Vuyani Pambo might be young, but he knows the power of education and how to harness the same. He attended schools in the townships of Ekuthuleni and Holy Cross. He did so well there that he won a scholarship to St David’s Marist Private School in Sandton.

After completing high school, he gained admission to Wits University. Interestingly, he would thrust himself into the national consciousness after participating in the fees must fall protests.

Students thought fees were too high, and they demanded that fees be cut. When the government failed to listen, the students poured into the streets in protests. The SAPS were called in, and a passerby had been gunned down at the end of the day.


Not much is known about Vuyani Pambo’s parents. He’s thought to have been raised by God-fearing parents who taught him the importance of service and respect for other people, a training that would follow him into adulthood. And because he’s pretty tall, he’s been called a gentle giant.

Net Worth

What is Vuyani Pambo’s net worth? There’s one question some of this activists’ fans have been asking for a while. Interestingly, Vuyani Pambo is not much interested in his net worth, a he is about good leadership in South Africa.

He would not be caught dead discussing his net worth. That’s not surprising for one whose fundamental interest is revolution. Anyway, fans have been talking for him, and the word out there s that his net worth is $200k and $300k.

By South African standards, that’s not a bad sum.

Contact Details

Vuyani Pambo is active on social media, especially Instagram. So he might be reached via that medium by a mention or a direct message. He’s not released an official email or phone number by which he might be reached.

However, those who want to contact him about his political activities might want to do so via the EFF website, which he gave on his Instagram profile, effonline dot org.

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