Willy Cardiac Biography, Age, Real Name, Jail, Girlfriend, Songs, Albums & net worth

Basic Information

Stage Name:
Willy Cardiac
Real Name: Willy Cardiac
Occupation: Rapper
Date Of Birth/Age:
Place of Birth: Pretoria, South Africa.
Gender: Male
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single

Willy Cardiac Biography

Willy Cardiac is one of the music-loving and music spitting teens from South Africa. When he was much younger, as a kid in the Pretoria area of the Rainbow Nation, he had discovered his love for music. He had honed his skills as a musician by rapping the songs of other artistes.

Not done with just spitting other musicians’ bars, he had veered into writing and recording his own songs. He has worked with some fine voices not just at home but abroad also. Among those he has collaborated with are the Scorpion King DJ Maphorisa and the American Eric Bellinger.


The exact day, month and year of birth of Willy Cardiac has not been given. However, the songster is reportedly 19 years old. In other words, he still has decades to contribute to the growth of South African music and culture.

A look into the rapper’s career trajectory indicates that he is not particularly interested in th age thing but in making music. The result of this dedication to music and not to the number is a steady stream of songs.

Anyway, given his contributions to South Africa’s rap wave, he has been recognized as one of the youngest rap voices in the Rainbow Nation

Real Name

Willy Cardiac’s adopted stage name is also said to be his real name. Willy Cardiac. Interesting. Hopefully it doesn’t give anyone a cardiac arrest.


Willy Cardiac, famous for his controversial lyrics, had a brush with the law and spent about three days in police custody. Following his release he had sated his hunger for self-promotion by releasing a song titled “Sorry Mama! Fuck 12.” The song, which served hot the story of his brush with the law, was a hit with fans – not surprisingly.


It has been said that fame is a big magnet for the ladies, which indeed it is. Willy Cardiac has not lacked attention from the ladies. The songster wouldn’t disclose who his girlfriend might be, though

At the moment, he is reportedly focusing on the music and not on the girls. He is just 19, after all. Anyway, if he should reveal who the special one is, eventually, we would update you on that accordingly.


Willy Cardiac has got a rich oeuvre for an artiste of just 19 years. The explanation for this might be his devotion to his art and a robust belief that not only has he got talent, he is destined to become one of the notable voice in South African music.

The songster’s oeuvre encapsulates, among others, the songs Blicky Sup3r Zooted ,777dreamz, Clout Chaser, #Sippydippy #Bitchimtired, Sex & Pearls,Fan Of Me, In Love With A Devil, Feb 14th, Foggy Brain, Achoo, Maniac Lullaby, Sorry Mama! Fuck12, Don’t Don’t Don’t, No Percs, Waterworld and Rip Trust.

Albums & Net worth

At the moment, Willy Cardiac has just one body of work, an album partly named after him: “Cardiac Arrest.” Of course the project didn’t provoke national cardiac arrest on release but it registered Willy Cardiac in the consciousness of the music-loving public as an artiste to watch out for.

He is said to be working on a new album. Well, it wouldn’t hurt to keep an eye open for that

For an artiste of just 19 years, Willy Cardiac isn’t doing badly. While his exact net worth isn’t public and he has been quiet about his earnings from his music, the prevailing opinion is that his net worth is about R550k.

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