Zanda Zakuza Biography, Age, Boyfriend, Record Label & Net Worth

Basic Information

Stage Name:
Real Name: Zanda Ntombshayivosho Zakuza
Occupation: Singer, Songwriter
Date Of Birth/Age: 8 August 1993
Place of Birth: Durban, South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: The University of KwaZulu-Natal


is a South African singer who found fame with the mic pretty early. Given her early start in music, perhaps one shouldn’t be surprised.

Right from an early age, she had shown great interest in dance and music and even performed at events during secondary school.

She grabbed serious attention as the sole guest on Master KG’s hit song “Skeleton Move.” At the time, like Zanda Zakuza, Master KG was pretty young in the industry. That notwithstanding, the song won an award.

also impressed many with her performance on Prince Kaybee’s “Club Controller,” another hit song, featuring LaSoulmates, that captured attention on release.

The songstress had a brief stint as a jazz student at the University of KwaZulu-Natal. According to her, she called her mother one day and told her she should stop wasting her money. She let her mother know she had been skipping classes. She eventually dropped out of school.

Recognizing the vitality of education, and indeed to please her mother, she returned to school to pursue a human resources course. She earnestly wanted to please her mother, who she said loves her unconditionally and supported her through her darkest moments.

So deep is her love for her mother that she dedicated an album to her, titled “Synthia: The Journey.” This compilation is still a hit with fans long after it was released.


is cool with the world knowing her age. For one who has achieved so much so young, one shouldn’t be surprised, perhaps.

The singer was born on 8 August 1993 in the Durban area. So she turned 27 exactly two months ago


has been pretty private about her love life. In an industry where unions dissolve almost as soon as they are made, can one blame her? Her privacy about her love life notwithstanding, she has been associated with some fine figures in Mzansi music, including Master KG, who featured her on “Skeleton Move.”

Record Label

Record labels give artistes platforms to make and promote their music, and Zanda Zakuza is lucky to have found one early in her career. She is one of the artistes signed to Open Mic Productions.

Incidentally, the record label is also home to some of Zanda Zakuza’s associates, including Master KG, Nomcebo and Makhadzi.

By the way, the songstress credits the success of her music career to her excellent working relationship with Open Mic Productions.

Net Worth

In an industry that seems to thrive on noise and more noise, with celebs eager to show off their latest acquisitions, Zanda Zakuza may have chosen to go her own way. She’s mostly quiet about her acquisitions and net worth.

And although we’re unable to give the exact figure of her Net worth, it is believed her net worth is about a million rand.

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