Zinhle Ngobese (Actress From Rhythm City) Biography: Real Name, Age, Hairstyle, Boyfriend & Recent Pictures & Contact Details

Basic Information

Stage Name: Zinhle Ngobese (Actress From Rhythm City)
Real Name: Kealeboga Masango
Occupation: Actress
Date Of Birth/Age: 2003
Place of Birth: Umlazi, Kwazulu-Natal , South Africa
Gender: Female
Nationality: South African
Marital Status: Single
Education: Mduku High School ROCKS/ University of Johannesburg

Zinhle Ngobese (Actress From Rhythm City) Biography

Zinhle Ngobese is a South African actress who found fame on the set of Rhythm City. Now the name of the character she played in the flick (Zinhle Ngobese) and the flick itself are inextricably linked to her, with many fans calling her Zinhle Ngobese From Rhythm City.

She doesn’t take offence at the identity, though.

Not much is known about Zinhle Ngobese, who her parents are, and what her childhood was. At any rate, she has so charmed the viewing public with her sterling representation of the Zinhle Ngobese character that many are content to just watch her interpret her roles.

Real Name

Many know her as Zinhle Ngobese, sometimes with Actress From Rhythm City appended tothe name. But that’s only a stage name referencing a role she had played in her acting life.

Zinhle Ngobese’s real name is Kealeboga Masango.


By design or by happenstance, the complete details of Zinhle Ngobese’s age are just not out there, and she has not volunteered those to the public. Several reports indicate she was born in 2003, with no exact day and month of birth given.

With 2003 as the year of birth, then she is 18 at the time of writing this – or heading to 18.


Some celebs are said to have signature hairstyles – something that makes them stand out from others. Zinhle Ngobese might be counted among them. She loves wearing her hair long. Braids, weaves – just make it long, baby!


A lady Zinhle of Ngobese’s charms and public appeal would rarely lack attention from me. And indeed the attention is pretty fierce. At the moment, though, the actress doesn’t have a boyfriend, nor is she keen on getting one right away. According to her, she’s focusing on her acting career at the moment.

Well, soon enough, a boyfriend should pop on her orbit.

Recent Pictures

It is interesting that for all her beauty and public appeal Zinhle Ngobese is not a picture freak. She rarely shares pictures, but when she does, she stands out. Her Instagram account has only a few pictures, but then they are things would want to look at over and over.

One overriding motif of her pictures is she could pass for a black beauty – a splendid representative of the content. You can check out some of her recent pictures below.

Contact Details

It might bot be easy contacting Zinhle Ngobese formally, as her social media accounts bear neither a phone number nor an email. So those who want to reach would have to do so via her social media accounts.

She maintains an Instagram account, so she might as well be reach there – y a direct message or a mention. Don’t take this as an assurance she would respond, though.

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