A Reece – For My Sanity

The Boy Doing Things A-Reece has dropped a new jam, “For My Sanity,” and you just might gain some mental blocks from vibing to it. Yup. 

The title of the number is intriguing. But it doesn’t stop at that. The lyrics are just as engaging. So you may rest assured that you’re in for a good time. 

The song is part of an earlier project that the celebrated rapper released late last month, “The Burning Tree.” While the project may not have set South Africa’s rap universe on fire at the time, it sure as hell garnered critical attention. 

For one, it was a surprise drop. Yup. No one saw it coming. But then it was a drop well worth it, a drop laden with several winning numbers, including, of course, the so G in review. 

“For My Sanity” is as much a jam as an appeal. A-Reece wanna go his own way, away from the pestilent and the boring, and he does just that with the confidence one expects from a rap king. 

This number might be A-Reece’s, but it’s easy to personalise — and should be — for those trying to make sense of the ever engulfing nonsense around them. Take no sh!t and have your peace! 

A Reece – For My Sanity

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