Benny Afroe & Singah – You Know 2

It’s almost a tradition with most musicians to take to Instagram to announce and project and then tell fans again when it’s available. Anyway, Benny Afroe and Singah walked that path with “You Know 2,” a refreshing number which you can stream here on UbeToo.

“You Know 2” might sound like some proselytising gimmick from the title, but the song spares you such. If anything, it delivers precisely what it promises — a good time.

The song brings together two musicians who might not have a long collaborative history but who did well as a team nonetheless. To listen to them together is to want to listen to them again. They’re that good.

And with the weekend already upon us, it’s safe to say this song will turn out as the item for the weekend and probably beyond.

So just chill and the Vth Season star and Singah deliver a scorching that they will excite as much as it will intrigue.

Benny Afroe & Singah – You Know 2

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