Bravo Le Roux – Pholas

Bravo Le Roux returns to UbeToo with a new number titled “Pholas,” which you can take a break with here and now.

For a hip-hop artist, it is puzzling why the songster hasn’t seen the vitality of sharing the cover art of his song on his Instagram page even before releasing new music. Put him in the league of those who suck at promoting their music, and we would not protest.

Anyway, that aside, the songster has a memorable number in “Pholas.” The number is stimulating and will make a fine addition to the playlist of lovers of good music out there and give them a reason to look out for more jams.

We wouldn’t count this number as the finest we have listened to this week. Still, it’s a splendid tune. And yes, we have no qualms asking you all to check it out. You are welcome to tap the play button and let the music begin.

Bravo Le Roux – Pholas

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