Busta 929 & DJY Vino – Dolby

Busta 929 and DJY Vino’s collaboration on “Dolby” is one of the standout tracks on the “Sgubhu Se Monate” EP. The song starts with a gentle melody that eventually builds up into an energetic and danceable beat, which is a hallmark of Amapiano music. The track showcases the production skills of both Busta 929 and DJY Vino, as they create a rich soundscape filled with intricate rhythms and catchy hooks.

The vocals on “Dolby” are kept to a minimum, with occasional ad-libs and vocal samples scattered throughout the track. This allows the beat to take center stage and makes the song perfect for dancefloors and parties.

The title “Dolby” refers to the famous audio company that is known for its high-quality sound technology, which is fitting given the track’s emphasis on the beat and sound design. Overall, “Dolby” is a great showcase of Busta 929 and DJY Vino’s musical abilities and is sure to be a hit among fans of Amapiano music.


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