Daddy Yankee & Lito MC Cassidy Mirror Money Heist In “El Gran Robo 2” Music Video — Watch

Puerto Rico’s Daddy Yankee and his compatriot Lito MC Cassidy premiere the music video of their song “El Gran Robo 2,” which you can check out here and now. 

This action-packed visual brings together two veterans who also lived up to their epaulettes as oldies in the rap trenches. They did a fine job together. 

At 45, Daddy Yankee is three years older than his compatriots. But then, the age disparity in no way divides the two, nor does it mitigate their flows. Far from it. 

If you’re a fan of Money Heist fan, then chances are you would fall in love with what this two have put together. The themes are the same — a Heist on a grand scale. 

And like in the case of the movie, the audience is bound to draw didactic lessons from what these Puerto Ricans have put together. 

It’s unclear why the two elected to work on this theme, but one can’t fault the result. They have put together why may well pass for a short movie about the mechanics of the underworld. 

If you fancy yourself a lover of action flicks, get ready to have a blast with “El Gran Robo 2” by Daddy Yankee and his pal. 

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