DBN Gogo & TNK Muziq – Money Maker Ft. Toss & FakeLove

South African disc jockey and producer DBN Gogo and her friend TNK Muziq continue her musical odyssey with a new song titled “Money Maker,” featuring their associates Toss and FakeLove.

“Money Maker” is a charming title, but it doesn’t mean you would make money from listening to the song. All the same, you’re at least assured of a good time with it. So, no qualms.

DBN Gogo and TNK Muziq are simply poetic together. Bring Toss and FakeLove into the equation, and you have a musical collective that will most likely give you a dance infection. Not bad, as you will find out presently. “Money Make” might not fill your coffers with gold, but from listening to the song, you should be able to appreciate the reality that money is actually important. In that sense, then, we expect the track to have a ready audience out there.

Tap the play icon and have a blast.

DBN Gogo & TNK Muziq – Money Maker Ft. Toss & FakeLove

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